Turn Callers into Customers with an Answering Service


Every call is a chance for your business to earn another customer. Significantly increase your odds of closing the deal with an answering service.

Image of a woman talking on the phone with an answering service

Your business gets calls all the time from people who are looking for information. Each time is an opportunity to transform them from callers with a question into clients with money to spend. Here’s how an answering service can help make that happen…

The first step is to make sure you have an answering service set up to handle calls that you either can’t get to during the day or that ring after hours/on weekends when you aren’t around. Every call must be answered by a live person, because your chance of converting a caller into a customer decreases drastically if all you’ve got set up is a voicemail system.

Once you have partnered with a good answering service that acts as an extension of you and your business, then you are ready to begin making more sales. These are just a few of the many ways your answering service can help…

Lead Capturing

An answering service is going to collect the name, number, and any other information you would like from callers and deliver their message to you. Warm leads served up fresh is exactly what’s going to happen a vast majority of the time someone calls. If you only have voicemail in place to do that job you’re going to be lucky if you get 20% of people to leave a message. Most will just hang up and call your competitor.


Answering services are experts at branding your business phones. You could be a one man show working out of a garage, but highly trained agents will bring an element of professionalism and consistency to your company every time the phone rings. Callers are always impressed with the branded image an answering service or virtual receptionist is able to portray while never knowing that they aren’t actually speaking to someone at your company.

Customer Service

Having a live person answer every call to be helpful is huge in the customer service realm. When you can create a smooth and positive customer experience on a 24/7 basis, that’s something that stands out to callers and encourages them to do business with you. Word gets around about great customer service too. So don’t be surprised if you start getting callers to refer you even more business.


Not many people think of advertising when answering services are the topic of discussion. But promoting products/services/deals with your answering service is a fantastic business hack that can generate huge results. All you have to do is insert a line or two in your answering service script that mentions your promotion to each caller. You’re already paying for the answering service to speak with people. Why not get some bonus advertising out of it?

Answering services really are a great way to turn your callers into customers. There are plenty more ways we can help boost your sales, so give us a ring and let’s talk about it.

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