5 Ingredients for an Awesome Customer Service Recipe


Wanting to provide awesome customer service is a good thing. But it’s only a start. To truly deliver an amazing customer experience you must have the right ingredients and know how to blend them all together.

Image of cooking utensils to represent a great customer service recipe


What makes any recipe truly amazing is the ingredients. And the quality of ingredients matters a whole lot too. If your organization is looking for the right mix to become known for delivering outstanding customer service then check out these five key ingredients that will take you to the top.

1. A heap of great People

It all starts here. This is your base component. Your staff must be the sort who WANT to provide awesome customer service. Every member of your team must demonstrate friendliness, courtesy, and professionalism at each turn so they can make every customer experience a positive one.

2. A dash of tasty Technology

Having customer service oriented people is a great start, but they also need the tools to provide that amazing experience for clients. Make it easy for your staff to help people by harnessing the right technology. Also, enable customers to help themselves by making use of technology such as an easy-to-use online customer portal so they can manage their accounts however they please.

3. A spoonful of potent Culture

When your entire company is founded upon a mission and values that puts massive amounts of emphasis on providing a stellar customer experience, it makes the rest of the job a whole lot easier. A company culture that is founded upon serving customers sets the entire business up for success and is a constant reminder of what’s important when any decision must be made. A potent company culture dialed in on customer service empowers employees!

4. A healthy portion of Reliability

Providing awesome customer service is truly great. But if you can only do it inconsistently that’s a bit of an issue. Part of being a customer-centric organization is providing a five star customer experience 24/7. Is your company only open from 9-5? Don’t let that stop you from delivering impressive customer service around the clock. A business answering service can help you achieve a reputation for taking care of your customers no matter when their needs arise.

5. The Icing on the Cake

You can’t make a phenomenal recipe without having that little extra. Going the extra mile in customer service situations is really going to stand out for that person. Owning a situation, seeing it through, and doing everything in your power to make sure the customer is taken care of is going to win over a lot of fans. Do a little more than is required for your customers and they won’t forget it.

There you have it! Those are the five key ingredients that go into an awesome customer service recipe. Stick to this formula and your business will have some seriously impressive customer retention.

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