Ensure every call is quickly answered by a professional receptionist with AnswerMTI live answering service for small businesses.

Small businesses have relied on AnswerMTI since 1982 for professional call answering services. Just a single unanswered call can be a missed opportunity. But our receptionists help you run your organization smoothly and ensure excellent customer service. Our answering service for small businesses is available 24/7 and can be scaled to your requirements at an affordable price.

How Small Businesses Get a Boost from Answering Services

receptionist providing call answering service for small businessesSmall businesses often have limited resources, and always being available to take important calls can be a challenge. Your staff needs to focus on running your business. Answering the phone all day can reduce productivity. But it’s also a necessity if you want to run a successful business. Our live answering service frees up your time and always ensures someone is available to take incoming calls.

Customers and clients also hate voicemail. There’s no guarantee as to when or if the right person will get the message. That’s why most callers never bother to leave a message when they reach your voice mailbox. AnswerMTI removes this disconnect by always having a professional available to greet callers. Your company is accessible around the clock whether a customer has a question, wants to make a purchase, or must reach someone urgently.

Benefits of Live Answering for Small Business

As a small business in a competitive market, your company can benefit from any positive feedback it can get. Using a live small business answering service has been proven to help retain customers. It also attracts new customers. Friendly, professional, prompt service is a great way to receive positive reviews on the web or via word of mouth.

Call answering services can therefore grow your customer base and make a positive impression. In addition, live answering can:

  • Capture more leads and sales opportunities by extending availability beyond normal business hours, including overnight, weekends, or holidays.
  • Improve the experience customers have with your company, in that they’re never put on hold and always greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable live receptionist.
  • Reduce costs by not having to add an in-house call center, more phone lines, equipment, and new full-time
  • Allow your staff to increase productivity related to business-related tasks, which can foster more growth while customers’ needs are taken care of.
  • Present a positive professional image that builds your reputation and credibility amongst some of your biggest competitors in the industry.
  • Provide support when an emergency or natural disaster prevents your staff from coming to work and/or your business operations from running at their normal capacity. Local situations therefore won’t keep your company from being operational, as our receptionists work in our office instead of yours.

How We Can Help Grow Your Business

small business owner receiving a message from her answering service on her phoneAt AnswerMTI, we believe handling phone calls professionally is one of a small business’s most important assets. That’s why, when you get started, we work to understand your business so we can represent it just like you would. We will work closely with you to learn about your business, its products/services, challenges, and who your customers are. To assist customers, we’ll obtain the right information and create a call script that lets our live representatives meet their needs.

Whether it’s a busy day and call volume is high, or your employees have gone home for the day, our agents are ready to answer. We operate on weekends and holidays as well. So, if a customer, client, or patient calls, a helpful rep will answer their queries, forward their call, take a message, or schedule appointments. Unlimited scripting enables them to handle just about anything.

AnswerMTI serves clients in every region of the U.S., 24 hours a day. Our phone answering service for small businesses includes everything needed to provide customers with friendly support, including:

  • Bilingual Answering: Fluent in English and Spanish, our agents can assist a wide range of customers, including those in large metropolitan areas. If a caller is more comfortable speaking in Spanish, our operators can accommodate them and make your business’s services accessible.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Knowing the terminology in your field, our receptionists are trained to accurately make appointments for patients or capture sales leads. All this happens with your web-based calendar, so you’ll always be up to date.
  • Call Patching: Our staff screen calls and transfer important ones directly to you based on your preferences. They’ll filter out solicitors, while common questions are answered up front, and callers’ information is documented. Either accept the call or the patching agent will take a message.
  • Order Processing: Inbound callers are often customers looking to purchase products/services. Our live operators can handle web-based ordering around the clock, so your sales can continue to grow.
  • Virtual Receptionist: A virtual receptionist can deliver a phenomenal first impression of your small business by answering the phone, routing callers, assisting customers, taking messages, and more.

Real-Time Information via a Secure Online Portal

Every call and message we handle on your behalf  is available on our secure online portal. Log in to access details of any call, adjust your schedule, and follow up on specific items. You can manage escalation and de-escalation procedures as well.

In addition to accessing messages and call records, small business owners can view all relevant data and manage the account from any internet-connected device, including a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Also:

  • Have messages sent directly to your cell phone.
  • Retrieve messages instantly via the portal.
  • Visualize usage data using charts and graphs.
  • View communication history to identify areas for improvement.
  • Identify the nature of complaints to directly address an issue.

Start Your Free Trial Today

Take advantage of the most comprehensive answering service for small businesses by signing up for your free trial. AnswerMTI is a 24/7 call management company specializing in phone answering for many different industries. To learn more about our service offerings or start your free trial, reach out to a representative by calling 844-798-1027 today.