Why Doctors Need Emergency Call Answering Services

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As a doctor, you already know that in an emergency, every second counts. Yet, many doctors continue to rely on voicemail or automated queues to handle patient calls. However, there is a better way to ensure that your patients can get the help they need when they call you—by using a doctor emergency call answering service.

Your Patients Can’t Wait

Time is of the essence when your patients are experiencing an emergency. They need and want to talk to a live person who can get them the help they’re looking for right when they call. If you’re using an automated system, your callers are not getting compassionate service from a real person. When you use a medical emergency answering service, a real person is at the other end, ready to help at any time of day.

Emergency Training

It’s true that automated queue systems and voicemail can do a lot of the work for you when it comes to directing and processing the calls you receive. However, they can’t match the professionalism that live agents offer.

The people that answer emergency calls from patients have been trained specifically for this purpose. They have experience in these situations and remain calm even when your callers are on edge. This calmness and professionalism often helps de-escalate tensions for your patients.

Safety of Patient Information

When you choose a live emergency call answering service, you never have to worry about compromising patient privacy because each agent has been trained to be HIPAA-compliant. That means all information which a patient gives to an agent is always held in the utmost respect. This high level of security means that both you and your patients always receive service they can trust.

Help Managing Your Schedule

In addition to offering truly personal and empathetic service, live agents can also help you in other ways. If a patient needs to schedule, confirm, or cancel an appointment, a live answering service can accomplish this without the additional cost of hiring in-house staff. As well, appointment information can be immediately transferred to your full-time staff, freeing up more time for compassionate patient care.


Assistance for All Patients

If you are unable to communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients when they are experiencing an emergency, they have no choice but to try another doctor. However, when you have a bilingual emergency answering service, your Spanish-speaking patients don’t have to waste precious time.

In addition, having an agent who understands another language means that no important detail about the emergency situation will be lost. This level of clarity can help you provide a stellar level of care.

Don’t Wait to Get Specialized, Professional Agents

Imagine always being able to ensure that each of your patients receives the absolute best care. This is exactly what a live emergency answering service can provide. AnswerMTI has been providing doctors with an efficient medical answering service for over 30 years. Discover why so many healthcare professionals have placed their trust in us. Call 844-798-1027 today.