Those who work in the construction industry have a lot on their plates. A construction answering service allows business owners, office staff, and construction workers to stick to important tasks while a live agent handles calls. After all, answering the phone is nearly impossible if you’re hauling equipment or building materials around the job site.

Why You Need an Answering Service for Construction

Construction contractors don’t usually spend much time in the office. Being at a job site, supply warehouse, or client meeting can make it difficult to answer every call.

But that doesn’t mean customers, clients, or vendors won’t need you. A live phone answering service isn’t only available on busy days, but after hours as well. With 24/7 availability, missed phone calls and lost revenue due to a lapse in customer service are things of the past.

Other advantages of a call handling service for construction companies include:

  • Professional Image: The professional receptionists at AnswerMTI are excellent communicators who know the issues construction clients face. Immediate answering of calls and handling of callers’ needs can improve your reputation. Plus, our friendly staff greet them per the instructions and guidelines you provide.
  • Reduced Overhead: You don’t need to hire additional personnel, lease extra space, or purchase expensive equipment. All the administrative and technological elements of call handling are managed on our side, so we’re practically an extension of your business.
  • Emergency Call Handling: Whether a client experiences an emergency or your business is closed due to unforeseen circumstances, our agents are here to answer and route calls as needed.

We know nearly half of clients will abandon a company due to poor customer service. With construction output and hiring expected to continue increasing, with costs rising, it’s important to have a construction call center service you can count on.

Focus at businessman in headset while consulting customersWhat a Construction Answering Service Includes

Construction contractors, whether working in the residential or commercial market, need to deliver a professional image, capture leads, provide estimates, and more throughout the day. Both new and returning clients need to be treated with exceptional care, whether they have questions, want to arrange for certain services, or need help making an informed decision.

Fortunately, AnswerMTI includes a range of value-added services within our affordable pricing packages. You can even select a completely customized service if you’d like, especially if your business requires more time from our talented receptionists.

Our comprehensive range of construction answering service offerings include:

  • Appointment Scheduling: Whether you’re on the job site or have closed up shop for the day, our agents can set appointments and manage your calendar.
  • Business Answering: Our professional receptionists can handle all types of incoming business calls, no matter how large or small your operation is, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Inbound Call Center: High call volumes can create challenges in a field where office staff may be stretched thin, but we ensure clients’ needs are taken care of.
  • Virtual Receptionist: Our team members can each serve as a virtual receptionist, providing any type of remote phone assistance necessary.
  • Bilingual Answering: Speaking both English and Spanish, our U.S.-based agents can serve a wide range of clients, including those in large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; and Houston, TX.
  • Call Patching: Our staff is trained to screen calls and, when necessary, transfer important ones to you directly if it meets your criteria. They can gather the information you need up front and instantly relay those details to you.

AnswerMTI also offers a secure portal where you can see messages and call details. Call trending data are available as well, so you can track call volume and see how we’re doing. A wide range of analytics can be viewed. You can also edit on-call schedules and benefit from real-time updates across the system.

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