Live Call Answering Services for Businesses

Since 1985, AnswerMTI has been providing a 24-hour answering service for boosting customer service across the U.S. It has improved customer support, retention, and feedback while enabling businesses in virtually any industry to focus on their work while we handle the calls. Our live answering service can incorporate virtual receptionists, appointment scheduling, call routing, message taking, lead capture, and many other value-added services.

Industries Served

AnswerMTI is proud to serve an extensive range of industries. For over 30 years, we have honed our expertise in industries like these:

Contractor Answering Service

Contractors spend a lot of time on the jobsite. Don’t let estimates, project management tasks, and other activities take away from customer service. Our agents let you focus on the job while having opportunities to take on new clients. They use unlimited call scripting to handle any business situation, even emergencies, from callers ranging from agency staff to customers and vendors. Learn more.

Attorney Answering Service

Trained agents can help process legal inquiries, regardless of the type of practice. We work with personal injury, criminal, DUI, and corporate attorneys and plenty more kinds of legal professionals. With an answering service, clients and customers are left with a good impression every time they call. Call scripting enables our team to address any legal matter, at any time. Learn more.

Doctor Answering Service

We provide a live answering virtual receptionist for doctors and medical offices. Each agent is trained to be understanding and compassionate of patients’ needs. They can:

  • Respond to general questions
  • Schedule appointments
  • Dispatch urgent messages to medical staff
  • Deliver customized scripts and messages
  • Give patients the peace of mind that your facility cares about their health

Learn more.

Apartment Answering Service

For property managers looking to take care of callers during the day, fill empty units with new tenants, and provide after hours support in emergency situations, our apartment answering services is the solution. We can help you manage your properties smoothly while ensuring all callers are taken care of 24/7/365. Learn more.

Hospitality Answering Service

From a busy hotel to a quaint bed & breakfast, it’s important to provide the best impression possible. Our agents answer calls promptly and professionally, ensuring every guest or potential guest who calls is treated well. Thanks to custom scripts, off-site receptionists sound like they’re at your hotel, booking rooms, processing payments, and ensuring customers are satisfied. Learn more.

HVAC Answering Service

Customers with heating or A/C problems may be upset and uncomfortable, dealing with sudden breakdowns at the worst times. Our virtual receptionists maintain professionalism no matter who is calling, why, and at what time. We can get your on-call tech on the phone or forward important messages via text, email, voicemail, or pager, and also:

  • Track clients and capture leads
  • Manage your schedule
  • Work with Spanish-speaking callers
  • Reduce your operating costs

Learn more.

Plumbing Answering Service

Leaks and burst pipes don’t conveniently wait for traditional business hours. When someone needs your plumbing services, it is often urgent. Our phone answering service for plumbers is available 24/7/365 to help capture all opportunities for you to serve your customers when they need you most. Learn more.

Landscaping Answering Service

If you have ever had difficulty hearing the address a new customer provides over the phone while a lawn mower is running nearby, you could benefit from our answering service for landscapers. We cover your calls so you can focus on creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces for your clients. Learn more.

Roofing Answering Service

It’s not easy to answer the phone while your carrying a pack of roofing material up a ladder. Stopping to answer the phone at any point in the day only slows down your progress on the job. With AnswerMTI, you can focus on your roofing work while we handle your business calls. Learn more.

Funeral Home Answering Service

Our professional team of experienced funeral home call center representatives help you provide the kind of care and support for your families that you’ve always strove for. AnswerMTI mortuary call service and answering solutions for funeral services are designed with your callers and budget in mind. Available 24/7 and customized to fit your unique requirements, our team is always ready to lend a helping hand. Learn more.

Real Estate Answering Service

A growing real estate business means only more clients and prospects. Whether you’re in or out of the office, an industry professional can manage the needs of callers, even after hours, on weekends, or on holidays. Our staff can:

  • Manage high call volumes
  • Patch calls
  • Schedule appointments
  • Manage brokerage calls
  • Schedule/coordinate building projects
  • Answer all inquiries

We also offer an apartment answering service for property managers providing 24/7 support to tenants with maintenance and other needs. Learn more.

Higher Education Answering Service

Students, prospective students, parents, and other callers have questions about your college or university they need an answer to. We take the place of in-house telephone operators, freeing the time of campus staff. Customized scripts and frequent updates enable our agents to provide directions, details on events, and more to provide a positive impression of your academic institution. Learn more.

Government Answering Service

Many government agencies face high call volumes and limited resources. The same questions are often encountered all day long, but our live answering service professionals can take these calls, so you can focus on business. They can route calls to the appropriate department and improve customer service while reducing costs and saving time. Learn more.

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