Why Your Company Should Have an Anonymous Employee Hotline

When incidents occur or an employee has concerns regarding conduct or ethics, the only option available to them may be your human resources department. However, they may not feel comfortable speaking in person about certain issues. Where this is the case, whistleblower hotline services can offer anonymity as well as an effective means of preventing unwanted occurrences.


Easier Reporting

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You may have an internal system in place to receive and process violation reports. However, most internal systems can only be accessed when an employee is at the workplace, which is likely not their preferred location to report what they’ve heard, witnessed, or experienced.


An anonymous employee hotline is accessible to employees from where ever they may be and is supported by a discrete third party. This makes it easier for your people to reveal all of the details surrounding a particular issue, details which may not be included when speaking to human resources or their manager.


Reduced Reporter Risk

Other options for reporting place employees at high risk of being identified or losing their job, which can cause complete avoidance of these options. This also allows the unwanted behavior and harm to your business to continue.


Employees who call a whistleblower hotline can speak anonymously with a live agent who is part of an outsourced service, and not a company employee. These two features can make a dramatic difference in both the number of reports received and the details contained therein.


Faster Resolutions

With an anonymous reporting service in place, your staff can ensure they have the accurate information they need to attend to problems far more quickly and efficiently. This allows for more of a focus on your company’s ability to resolve problems, which has multiple benefits.


No Unnecessary Management Redirection

In a situation where there is no anonymous reporting system, the task of receiving whistleblower reports falls on management. This can take them away from leadership tasks, thereby reducing overall efficiency. All calls received on an anonymous employee hotline are received, documented and logged for review, eliminating the need for management to step in until further action is needed.


Increased Employee Morale and Loyalty

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Employees who are able to voice their concerns freely without worry of retaliation can know that someone has heard them and steps are being taken to address the issue. This can make a world of difference to how they view their job and history with your company. As well, an employee who knows that you care about their concerns and their privacy will be much more likely to remain with you.


Affordable and Professional

Having employee hotline services to receive whistleblower calls for your company is much more affordable than you may suspect. The cost is minimal and the benefits are massive. Don’t allow unethical conduct, suspicious activity, and other incidents to threaten the life or culture of your business. Call AnswerMTI to set up an anonymous employee hotline today: 1-877-842-9822.