Appointment Scheduling Services

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We recognize the importance of the old adage “Time is Money.” Ensure your calendar is properly managed with our customized appointment setting service.

For many businesses, appointment setting is at the heart of day-to-day operations. Without setting appointments successfully, so much of the rest of what you do may be for naught. You need consumers or other businesses to buy your products or services, and appointment setting is where it all gets started.


When a client or potential new customer calls your business to schedule an appointment that call must be handled promptly and accurately, and that’s when a 24/7 Appointment Setting Answering Service can make all the difference.


To streamline and simplify your appointment scheduling processes, turn the task over to AnswerMTI. Rather than your phone being the one that rings, it will be ours—and we’ll run with the job from there. With web-based calendars that can be easily accessed by both you and our team, you’ll always be up-to-date and clear on what appointments you have coming up. Saving time while still providing your customers with the service they deserve is an ideal win-win situation.


We use web-based calendars that you or your employees can access and manage in real-time ensuring that both you and our agents are always viewing the most current information.

We’re Always Available

Don’t worry about missing business opportunities because you are away from your phone or busy with other obligations. With AnswerMTI on your side, the phone will be answered at any time, any day of the week. Our trained agents are ready to take calls on your behalf around the clock, meaning you will be able to capture as many leads as possible moving forward. Even missing out on one or two potential appointments can be a big drain on your bottom line, so don’t let any of them slip away.


Ready to Serve Your Customers

One of the important things to understand about our appointment setting services is that we train our agents to deal with calls in specific fields. That way, your customers, clients, or patients are met with someone who is experienced and familiar with the terminology in your field. Be it appointment setting services for doctors or appointment scheduling for attorneys, our agents are highly trained and experienced with all types appointment setting, ensuring the highest level of qualified appointments for your business.


Our skilled receptionists can not only help your callers make an appointment or manage their booking, but they can also offer your customers other pertinent information let them know about any special promotions. Simply put, we are going to represent you as you would want to be represented.



Answering Service with Appointment Setting That Works
The best way to see what AnswerMTI is all about is to try our service for yourself. Give us a call for additional information and answers to any questions you may have.

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