Learn more about the different services we offer here at AnswerMTI.

For more than 30 years, AnswerMTI has been the go-to company for phone answering services and call center solutions for businesses around the United States and beyond. With our services, organizations have been able to focus on growing their companies while our team handles customer support and other call handling elements of the business.

No two businesses are the same, which is why each client is partnered with an account specialist. This person works with your organization to understand your brand, the challenges you face, and what you want to accomplish. We also take the time to get a sense of who your customers are and their specific needs. The rep will even create call scripts to ensure the proper information is obtained from and relayed to callers.

So, whether your business requires a live answering service, a call center partner, or a virtual receptionist, you can count on AnswerMTI to provide top-notch customer support.

24-Hour Answering Services

No matter your call volume or requirements, we offer a customized solution that benefits you and your customers. We answer every call with a real, helpful person around the clock or whenever you want us to cover your phones.

The AnswerMTI team of representatives is here to help your business become more efficient. Communication and customer support are key factors that play a large role in the success of your company. With our 24-hour answering service, you can exceed customer service expectations, no matter the time or day. We answer all calls quickly, take care of callers properly, and promptly deliver your messages in your preferred method.

Appointment Setting Services

As a business owner, it’s likely that you’ve got a jam-packed schedule day in and day out. Yet time is money. Properly managing your calendar is crucial in ensuring you don’t miss an important meeting or appointment. This is where our services can help.

We offer 24/7 professional appointment-setting services. Count on AnswerMTI to simplify and streamline your appointment scheduling processes so that you can focus on the most important thing: the client in front of you at any given moment.

Bilingual Answering Services

Does your business operate within Spanish-speaking regions, cater to a Hispanic audience, or desire to expand into a new market? Don’t let a language barrier impact customer experience or satisfaction. We know the importance of being able to provide customer service for callers who are more comfortable speaking Spanish.

AnswerMTI offers U.S.-based, expertly trained agents who are fluent in English as well as Spanish. With our bilingual answering service, you can offer convenient and responsive support to all of your customers and even grow a new segment of your business.

Business Answering Services

Our business answering services are suitable for small, medium, and large businesses, including Fortune 500 corporations! No matter the size of your business, you can count on AnswerMTI to provide the business answering service solution that you require. With professional receptionists and experienced customer service representatives, you can focus on growing your company and other day-to-day business operations.

Our receptionists are trained to serve startups, small businesses, and medium-sized companies, as well as larger corporations. Simply tell us you want to accomplish, and we’ll provide a customized call answering solution that will exceed your expectations.

Emergency Answering Services

Emergencies happen and, when they do, you want to have a dependable line of communication available at all times. With our emergency answering services, our professional operators will be available to provide support both for businesses who need to be responsive in urgent situations as well as for companies who require extra call handling support during emergencies.

Our trained and experienced operators will ensure that business communications are available, even during an unforeseen crisis or emergency event.

Inbound Call Center Services

Are you lacking the resources or a staff that can handle high call volumes? Are you interested in outsourcing your call handling operations? Do you want a call overflow partner to assist during busy times?  A successful company is one that values communication and customer satisfaction—and what better way to ensure customer’s needs are taken care of than to ensure all calls are answered quickly by professional, capable representatives? With inbound call center services from AnswerMTI, you never have to worry about missing a call or about frustrated customers facing long wait queues.

We offer around the clock coverage, including after hours, on weekends, and over the holidays. No matter where your business is located, you can count on us for all of your call center requirements.

Medical Answering Services

Health issues don’t always happen during business hours, but doctor’s offices aren’t open 24/7. Make sure that your medical office is available at all times with our medical answering service. This ensures that patients can get the attention they need, even outside of normal business hours.

Our HIPAA-compliant medical answering service can give patients peace of mind knowing that their healthcare provider is available when needed the most.

Virtual Receptionist Services

At AnswerMTI, our team specializes in much more than answering phone calls. Another customer support answering service that we offer is through our live receptionist services. A live receptionist can not only answer questions from customers and take messages but can also:

  • Process sales orders
  • Schedule appointments
  • Offer remote assistance

A virtual receptionist can be beneficial to your business and customers, ensuring the most important operations are running smoothly at all times.

Whistleblower Hotline

These days, an ethics and compliance hotline is an important part of facilitating a healthy workplace environment. However, it’s not really something you can provide in-house. A third party whistleblower hotline is the way to go to ensure confidentiality and promote good business practices.

With our whistleblower hotline service, you can ensure unbiased, accurate reporting so you can evaluate any workplace incidents and even discourage them altogether.

Improve Your Business Communications with AnswerMTI

At AnswerMTI, you can count on our experienced and dedicated staff to provide the call center and answering services you require in order to improve communication and increase productivity. Whether you’re interested in a 24-hour answering service, a customized call center solution, or a remote receptionist, we’re here to meet whatever requirements you may have.

Contact us today to tell us about what you are looking to accomplish and learn more about how we can help!