AnswerMTI Call Center Services for Mental Healthcare

woman dialing a mental health professional

Mental health professionals are committed to providing the best of care to their patients. Phone calls can come in at any time, and you never want someone to be greeted by long ring times or a recorded message. Fortunately, AnswerMTI provides answering services for mental health professionals that ensure every caller is greeted by a caring, sensitive representative.

Mental Health Phone Answering Services

Customize your script however you prefer and enable our virtual receptionists to address any type of call or situation. They can assist with call answering for new, existing, and potential patients; message taking; and appointment scheduling. Our representatives will even share answers to your most frequently asked questions if you’d like us to.

There are times when counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists may be away from the phone. If practitioners have left for the night, a receptionist team will be available to handle after hours calls. They are also available to handle patient intake while covering all aspects of proper service, from offering compassionate support to ensuring your business remains HIPAA-compliant.

Full-Time Mental Health Call Support

AnswerMTI’s live receptionists are available 24/7. Your staff doesn’t need to be present for us to manage call handling. You can have a dedicated mental health number or therapy hotline even during off-hours. If a patient is going through a mental health crisis, a receptionist can offer assistance or direct them to a healthcare professional. 

Emergency messages can be forwarded to on-call staff if necessary. When a family member or an individual with mental illness or substance use disorder, or in need of emotional support calls, help is always available. Messages can be sent directly to doctors, nurses, and therapists via text message, email, phone call, or app notification.

Mental Help Hotline

If your mental health services hotline is unavailable, we can step in and fill your shoes. Trained to handle the most sensitive calls, our agents can talk with patients directly and relay important details and messages to specialists. They’re trained to assess each call with specific criteria.

If necessary, our receptionists will send an instant alert and patch a call through to your staff. We also offer a bilingual answering service. This allows your business to be accessible to a wider range of patients.

Virtual receptionist for mental health professionalsReduce Your Operating Costs

Our mental health call answering services provide a more cost-effective way to run your business. Working at our facilities in Atlanta, our agents reduce your need for additional staff, office supplies, and equipment. All call services are available for a flexible monthly fee. Our rates are based on receptionist time, so you pay only for what you use.

Detailed Analytics

AnswerMTI provides a range of analytics and call data to help you make smart business decisions. View call details, changes to schedules, and message details via our secure online portal. Updated in real-time, information is available on any internet-connected device. Charts, graphs, and other analytical tools help analyze call volume and communications performance. You can, therefore, view the communications history and identify areas for improvement.

What Happy Clients Are Saying About AnswerMTI

Mental health call support is available during busy times, off-hours, or when there’s a disaster. Customers praise our consistent availability when severe storms strike and their staff is unable to get to the office. The courtesy and professionalism of our agents is widely praised as well. Therapists often compliment our system’s benefits to patients and how reliable it is in getting messages to them quickly.

Taking every call can be a challenge any time of the day, especially when call volume picks up. With mental health, you never want to leave a call unanswered. However, the satisfaction of our customers is proof our virtual receptionists are up to the job. Answering a general question or responding to an emergency is all in a day’s work.

Contact AnswerMTI to Start Your Free Trial

Our virtual receptionist services include a mental health call center solutions, with agents serving patients in every part of the country. Experienced, empathetic receptionists are available 24/7 to handle messaging, scheduling, and urgent situations. AnswerMTI provides the resources to answer phone calls without adding staff or infrastructure, while maintaining exemplary customer service. Sign up for a free 7-day trial or call 844-798-1027 today for more information.