Staying on Top of Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry

The main goal of every hospitality business is to give customers the best experience possible. The best way to stay on top of customer service is to make a great impression every single time. Here are the many ways you can create loyal customers and develop streams of new customers who’ll keep coming back to […]

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How to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Your Medical Practice

As a medical practice, you already know that your patients don’t only need you during business hours, but how can you possibly address their needs when your office is closed? A medical answering service can accomplish this and can also increase their satisfaction with your practice in many ways.   Understand What Live Answering Service […]

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How Can You Improve Employee Satisfaction?

The satisfaction of a company’s employees will have a direct impact on the quality of customer service a business is able to deliver, along with many other critical aspects of business success. Implementing these solutions for happier employees will benefit you now and throughout the life of your business. Show Them You Care Showing concern […]

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Want to Improve Your Business? Implement These 5 Strategies Now

These days, your small business has more competition than ever. In order to rise above the rest, you need to stay dynamic and competitive. Devoting your time to implementing just 5 strategies can have many benefits to your employees, customers, and bottom line. 1. Start with Your Employees You may have a great team around […]

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What Is a Whistleblower Compliance Hotline?

Fraud costs businesses millions of dollars every year. Having a strategy in place to prevent fraud can not only save your business money but also help you to avoid other negative effects such as legal costs and damage to your reputation. A critical part of any strategy to prevent fraud is making a whistleblower hotline […]

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Commercial and Residential Maintenance Answering Services

When a tenant experiences a maintenance emergency, they need assistance right away. If they can’t reach your property’s maintenance person, the problem can quickly become a major and costly disaster. However, you don’t want your on-call maintenance tech getting calls all throughout the night for issues that can wait. Having a 24-hour call answering service […]

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How to Use a Virtual Receptionist Service

You may have heard about a virtual receptionist service, but may not know much about how to use it or how it can benefit your business. This article is about to change all of that; read on to learn about just how you can use this kind of remote receptionist service to improve the way […]

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Why Your Company Should Have an Anonymous Employee Hotline

When incidents occur or an employee has concerns regarding conduct or ethics, the only option available to them may be your human resources department. However, they may not feel comfortable speaking in person about certain issues. Where this is the case, whistleblower hotline services can offer anonymity as well as an effective means of preventing [...]Read More »

Getting a Live Answering Service for Your Los Angeles Business

As a Los Angeles business, you are reaping all the benefits of a lucrative local economy, but could you be doing something more to give your customers great service? If you’re currently using an automated answering system to handle your calls, it’s time to consider a Los Angeles live answering service. Here’s why it’s such a [...]Read More »

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