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Live Call Answering Service for Doctors

AnswerMTI is 24-hour HIPAA-compliant Doctor Answering Service delivering professional customer support and appointment scheduling services to doctors, physicians, and medical professionals.


Our agents are thoroughly trained to handle patient calls and they have extensive experience dealing with callers for all types of medical practices. Healthcare call center services require compassionate, understanding people who are able to respond to general medical questions, schedule appointments and also to recognize the sensitive nature of each caller and offer excellent customer support. At AnswerMTI, we are your first impression, and we’ll make sure that your callers are greeted by friendly, energetic agents 24/7.


Our live physician answering service is available during normal business hours, after hours, on weekends and holidays, and even in call overflow situations. As a partner with AnswerMTI, you will always enjoy simple pricing with no contracts or hidden fees. Contact us today for a low-cost Doctor Answering Service quote.

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Why Add a Live Answering Service to Your Practice?

Our answering services and professional answering representatives benefit medical facilities of all sizes, ranging from private physician offices to specialty practices, multi-office conglomerates, and facilities such as clinics, laboratories, and hospitals. The perks of the virtual receptionist services offered by Answer MTI include:


24-Hour Answering

Whether a staff member is present or not, calls will always be answered. Patients and other callers can reach your office during off-hours. A live operator will take down their questions or forward emergencies to on-call staff; direct messages to email, pagers, or text message; or even schedule appointments.


Emergency Hotlines

Our agents are trained to handle sensitive calls. In true emergency situations, they will advise the caller to dial 911 just like you would. In all other cases, they will triage calls or dispatch any urgent messages to office staff and specialists, gathering all the necessary details so your team can be instantly alerted. If a call meets your criteria, we can patch it through without delay, so your on-call staff can help out right away.


Professional Representation

Virtual receptionist services for doctors uphold your professional image even after the office is closed. Customize every part of the script from greeting to goodbye. Each script can be tailored to current and prospective patients’ needs while offering a friendly, compassionate voice. Our virtual receptionists have the experience to attend to any type of call.


HIPAA-Compliant Answering Service

AnswerMTI answering service for doctors meets the most current regulations governing efficiency, security, and confidentiality of patient information. This ensures patients can trust and respect their doctors and medical staff can focus on a high-quality care and service. And you can feel confident knowing that we are always in compliance with HIPAA, because we’ve got your back.


Smaller Staff Needed

Our team works at a remote call center, so you don’t need any additional staffing of space to take calls and manage schedules. And another benefit of off-site receptionists for your medical office is that our staff is highly unlikely to know any of your patients, which takes any potential awkwardness out of the call so that your callers feel at ease.


Lower Costs

You pay a monthly fee for our physician answering service. The costs cover operator time, and you pay for only what you need. Eliminate spending on office staff, infrastructure, and other extra service fees. Whether you simply want patients to access your office 24/7 or require a bilingual answering service, cost-efficiency is our aim.


Streamlined Schedule Management

An efficient system to schedule, confirm, and change appointments is used. Our service not only makes these changes automatically but makes them immediately available to your staff, so all employees and physicians are kept informed. We’ve also integrated an appointment reminder service. This fine-tunes the efficiency of your practice and ensures all appointments and information are accurately communicated between your office and patients.


AnswerMTI agents are the most experienced representatives in the call center industry, they understand medical terminology, and can efficiently serve as your virtual receptionists. They will always be professional and attentive to your callers, no matter when or why they may call. We are the top choice for remote receptionist service among healthcare providers. Here are some of the healthcare specialists we serve:

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