Why Choose Us?

One of the nation’s leading call center and answering services, AnswerMTI can manage your company’s calls 24 hours a day. Any business can benefit from a call answering service, whether it’s a law firm, general contractor, property management company, medical office, government agency, real estate office, hotel, or university. A live operator can provide a range of services to manage high call volumes, while your employees and agents are free to tend to other business tasks.

AnswerMTI is the right business answering service because:
  • We strive to meet the highest standards in customer service—our agents always leave a good impression on your customers.
  • Our agents are highly trained in screening calls, serving as virtual receptionists, setting appointments, and taking orders.
  • Calls can be forwarded 24 hours a day, even after hours when all your employees have gone home for the night.
  • Unlimited call scripting, managed using proprietary software, enables our team to provide full assistance to your customers.
  • A bilingual answering service, with affordable pricing and no hidden fees, is available so we can accommodate the broadest range of callers possible.
  • We log each call and message and upload the information to a secure online portal where you can access all call details, edit on-call schedules, and view insightful analytics.

We Know How to Be Competitive

We know how the demands of today’s fast-paced world can take a toll on morale. AnswerMTI has been serving clients with a live answering service for over 30 years. From live operators to call patching and message retrieval and notification, we provide a full set of services to meet a business’s needs.


If an important call comes through overnight, we’ll take the message to your company receives it first thing in the morning. We can also page or text the appropriate personnel if a customer requires urgent assistance. Our answering services are available nationwide, but we also offer local answering services to serve businesses in specific cities. The advantage—continued service if there is a power outage or natural disaster.

For everyday business, our call answering service enables you to:
  • Capture leads and sales opportunities 24/7.
  • Have helpful customer service representatives always available.
  • Improve the company’s reputation and attract new customers.
  • Present a positive professional image and build your credibility.


You should choose us because our business answering service is affordable and saves your company the costs of hiring additional staff, running a call center, and installing more phone lines. Service plans are customizable, scalable, and available in options for businesses with high call volumes. We can accommodate clients that require limited call handling or have seasonal fluctuations in volume, so our service can always work within your budget and meet the needs of your company.


Our live answering service also simplifies time management, so your employees can be more productive with business development opportunities. At the same time, customers always have a helpful, friendly voice on the other end of the line.


To learn more about our business call answering and support services, contact us today. Flexible plans and custom business answering services are available.