Dentist Answering Service

Efficiency and patient satisfaction are of utmost importance for any dental practice. AnswerMTI’s 24-hour answering service for dentists provides live receptionists to help patients reach staff for information, to schedule appointments, and to reach a dentist in an emergency. In addition, the customizable service can be adapted to the requirements of dental practices of any size, from solo practitioners to large offices with many dentists.


In a busy dental practice, schedules can quickly change, and numerous issues can crop up. It can be challenging for your staff to keep up with shifting call volume and other demands such as handling patients that are standing in front of them at the office. The capacity of dental assistants serving as receptionists may be stretched thin. Every day, there is a flow of many patients with varying needs, from routine to complex procedures.


Most dentists see a flow of patients with standard appointments and new patients, as well. While many call in to set an appointment or ask questions, some may call in an emergency and be quite upset and in pain. AnswerMTI’s dentist answering service employs virtual receptionists trained to handle any call and who provide a reassuring, informative voice that puts trust in your practice. They can separate emergencies from inquiries, as well, forwarding urgent requests to on-call dentists as necessary.


Prompt appointment setting, cancellation, and confirmation are crucial for the efficiency of a dental practice. Callers may have insurance questions or inquiries regarding services and procedures. Our agents are familiar with dental procedures and protocols. They are prepared to answer questions on the spot or quickly help reach the appropriate party, patching them through or ensuring a prompt call back.

Why Our Answering Service for Dentists

Our receptionists are highly trained. Courteous and sympathetic, they understand many people are fearful and uncertain when in need of a dentist, especially if it’s an urgent matter. Inbound calls are handled in the most professional manner, 24 hours a day, so patients and others contacting your dental practice can call anytime and speak with a live representative.

With AnswerMTI, no message is left unattended. You choose your message deliver preference and we make sure each one is sent out to the right person at the right time. You also get access to our secure online portal where you can review your messages, browse call data, manage your account and more. Call patching is another advantageous feature. A receptionist can screen each call, take down the necessary information, and contact you on your direct line to relay the details. To connect with the caller, all you need to do is accept the call, otherwise we’ll let them know you are busy and when to expect a call back.

Our services also include appointment setting and access to bilingual operators. These make our dentist answering service that much more versatile and accommodating. AnswerMTI serves a wide range of medical clients, and even hospitals, so we’re fully equipped and experienced to boost the efficiency and customer service of your busy dental practice.

For more information, submit an inquiry to us online or sign up for a free trial. You can also call us and a friendly, helpful representative will make sure you are in good hands.