AnswerMTI Answering Services for Landscaping Businesses – We Cover Your Calls, You Care for Your Lawns

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AnswerMTI understands the unique needs of landscapers and landscaping companies. We ensures our clients are equipped to consistently provide top-notch customer service via our customized answering services for landscapers.

Most people don’t envision landscaping professionals as people who sit around answering phones all day. Their job requires being out in the field mowing lawns, trimming hedges and trees, removing weeds and dead/damaged foliage, watering gardens, planting and maintaining entire yards. These day-to-day duties aren’t conducive to being on the phone to take inquiries and other customer requests. We get it, it’s very difficult to hear what your callers have to say with your crew’s weed trimmer humming in the background.

But at AnswerMTI, we ensure you are never overwhelmed by phone calls. Our live agents can handle any call volume and are trained to address any situation a caller may have. Whether the caller is a potential customer with a question, wishes to get a quote, or schedule service, we will ensure you never miss a call. Our receptionists can assist callers whether the goal is to set regular lawn mowing services or install pavers, remove snow, or other landscaping elements.

24-Hour Answering Service for Landscapers

We employ trained virtual receptionists who are available day and night. They can answer calls on weekends and holidays. Whether the person is calling your company for the first time or is an existing customer, our agents can take their message and relay important information to you via text, call, or email. You can decide whether to act on the message immediately or later. The AnswerMTI web portal also contains information on every message received and includes useful data including call stats, trends, and usage.

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Benefits of Landscape Answering Services

Our agents use unlimited call scripting and can handle calls however you want. That includes gathering all the information you need to earn another client. Emergency calls can respond immediately to the customer’s concerns. We’re also equipped to handle any call volume so your staff won’t be overwhelmed with answering the phones.

A Fully Customized Answering Service

For most landscapers, business is seasonal, so call volume easily fluctuates one way or another. When business picks up, we are there to take on the influx of calls. Our agents are so meticulously trained that callers may not realize the difference between your business and your landscaper answering service!

The perks of having such a dedicated support staff include:

  • Your business can serve customers 24 hours a day.
  • Response times are dramatically reduced.
  • Updates can be delivered in real time.
  • No additional in-house receptionists are needed.
  • You don’t need to buy expensive equipment or rent additional office space.
  • Customized plans that can be adapted to your requirements.
  • Live agents are familiar with all types of services for landscaping.


Along with live call answering, we also provide the following call center services for landscapers:


  • Bilingual Call Support: Our Spanish speaking receptionists relay information, listen to callers’ needs, and ensure a reliable line of communication, while allowing your landscaping company to serve a larger number of customers.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Your customers can rely on you to book appointments. Our receptionists sync with your calendar so they can update your schedule automatically. Nothing needs to be done on your end except finish the job you’re working on and head to the next site.
  • Flexible Call Handling: Our agents ask questions to field first-time callers, with knowledge of what potential customers expect of your business. They can communicate details on promotions during certain times of the year and even provide estimates based on your rate sheet to generate more revenue.
  • Emergency Answering: We can handle the call when a customer has an urgent need. Even more importantly, we can keep your business going during unforeseen events such as natural disasters. Our agents keep an open line of communication when your company otherwise wouldn’t be accessible.
  • Virtual Receptionist Services: Agents can provide customized call handling and perform other administrative tasks. When you’re out doing landscaping work, our receptionist staff can help support your success.


Nationwide Answering Service for Landscaping Companies

AnswerMTI serves every region of the U.S. Whether you’re manicuring lawns on the West Coast in California, cleaning up tree limbs in the Midwest after a tornado, or trimming some hedges in Florida, our staff can handle your calls. All services are provided remotely. That means you need not be anywhere near our Atlanta headquarters to benefit from our live answering services.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our clients regularly praise our prompt, responsive service. Landscapers are often busy outside and aren’t available to take every phone call, but AnswerMTI provides the ideal solution. Managing call volume during the busiest of times provides a level of convenience that allows landscapers to focus on their trade. Clients often say how professional and courteous our agents are, and how easy it is to work with us. The accessibility of our services during times of increased work volume, off-hours, and during unforeseen emergencies are critical to providing the support landscapers need to achieve growth and profit.

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Contact AnswerMTI

Our landscaping answering service has affordable pricing plans to meet your budget. Our representatives will help tailor a customized plan to cover the requirements of your business. Sign up for your free trial today. Or, if you require more information, give us a call at 844-798-1027 to speak with us directly.