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Apartments Answering Service For Property

Property management firms require special call handling and expertise. AnswerMTI is a professional 24 hour Real Estate Answering Service delivering professional tenant support solutions for over 30 years. Our live receptionists are highly trained to handle all types of property management calls and that’s why property managers from across the nation trust us to cover their office phones with complete professionalism. We specialize in apartment answering Service solutions and provide 24×7 support to tenants at apartments, condominiums, and we even handle complex maintenance calls.


Managing a rental property can be challenging, especially when your workload begins to exceed your hours. When leasing office schedules are built around standard business hours, tenants can find it difficult to have their needs met during the standard 9-to-5. During those few hours, office staff members can easily find themselves struggling to juggle multiple tenant concerns at once.


With professional property management answering service from AnswerMTI, you can be available 24 hours a day. Our team of experienced virtual receptionists can help with calls during the day when your office is busy, as well as after-hours once the office has closed for the day. We’re even ready to assist on weekends and holidays! Calls from tenants, maintenance staff, and apartment-hunters alike can all be addressed right away, saving residents from long hold times and impersonal voice mailboxes. Your tenants are much happier when they reach a live person, knowing that their problems are proactively being handled.

24-Hour Availability, Maintenance Call Support, and More


Having a live answering service for property management offers numerous benefits for both tenants and property managers. Below are just a few of the great perks AnswerMTI apartment answering services can provide.


Extended Office Hours

An off-site answering service can virtually extend your office hours overnight, even on weekends and major holidays. By continuing operations 24/7, you’ll be better able to handle after-hours emergencies, meet the needs of third-shift tenants, and take care of administrative tasks that might otherwise have been put off.


Live Agent Experience
Automated systems phone systems with pre-recorded prompts may be convenient for some businesses, but the needs of apartment tenants are often too urgent or complicated for a “robot.” AnswerMTI uses live, U.S.-based call agents for the best possible experience. We can also provide bilingual service in English and Spanish.


Fast Response to Tenant Needs

From standard maintenance requests to tenant lockouts and emergencies, call agents are available to assist tenants with whatever they need whenever they need it. Tenants won’t have to sit on hold or wait to report their issues. Agents can even dispatch on-call technicians according to priority, ensuring that maintenance staff members are only contacted after hours for the most urgent issues.


Keep Units Occupied

Not only with our live answering service for apartment managers provide great experiences that keep tenants around longer, but we can also help fill vacancies. Our team of virtual receptionists can handle leasing inquires around the clock, answer questions about rates and amenities, schedule property showing appointments and more.


Customized Scripts and Message Delivery

Using our proprietary software, we can offer unlimited call scripting that enables our team to fully assist your callers with nearly any matter. Guided by those custom call scripts, our operators will screen each call with specific questions to determine the level of urgency which helps ensure that your maintenance staff is not needlessly contacted. Messages viewed as non-urgent can simply be emailed or sent as an SMS text message to a cell phone.


Convenient Web Interface

To make things even easier for you, we put all the tools you’ll need to manage your account, review call details, assess trends and performance, pay your bill, and much more. Our secure online portal features an easy-to-use web-based interface that allows you to log in and take care of business.


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For more than 30 years, we’ve been trusted providers of professional answering service for apartment complexes, HOAs, landlords, and all types of property management businesses. With a full team of trained call center agents working on your behalf, you can streamline your processes and improve the rental experience for you and your tenants.


When you partner with AnswerMTI, you will always enjoy simple, affordable pricing with no contracts or hidden fees. As one of the nation’s leading apartment answering services, we value your business and we strive to meet even the highest standards of the toughest critics.


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