The funeral call center receptionists at AnswerMTI can handle your phone calls 24/7. Our funeral home answering agents are experienced, empathetic, and trained to handle calls just like you would if you could pick up every time the phone rang. Busy funeral directors and funeral home staff never have to worry about missing an important call as we provide a high level of service that this industry requires.

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Funeral Home Call Center Services

What we do is provide mortuary answering services operated by experienced, professional call center agents who specialize in the funeral industry. Our caring team of remote receptionists can screen calls if you are busy, deliver messages, answer questions, take orders, and set appointments. Whether a caller needs to schedule a conference to discuss arrangements or burial options, coordinate transportation, or take messages regarding obituaries, eulogies, or funeral programs, our funeral call center representatives are trained in all aspects of funeral home operations to provide the most complete assistance possible. They can fulfill any request thanks to unlimited, customized call scripting and are available during business hours, at night, on weekends, and holidays.

Our agents are sensitive to the issues that the families you care for face. They handle each call with compassion and respect, guiding callers through their options during a time of hurt. But just as with any business, your staff can’t be there all day and night. Our funeral home call center agents are there after-hours and trained in your policies and procedures, so they can provide the kind of support you can be proud of.

In addition, AnswerMTI provides a bilingual answering service, emergency dispatch answering service, and inbound call center services to provide a full range of support. If there’s an important call, we can forward it to the right personnel. Funeral homes are often under pressure to make multiple arrangements in a short amount of time. Despite how busy your staff is, we can help provide reliable customer service and present a professional image of your business.

What Happy Clients Are Saying About AnswerMTI Funeral Home Answering Service

Our clients in the funeral home business have had only good things to say. Whether handling high call volumes from families experiencing a time of loss or important calls from partners during funeral arrangements, our speedy, professional service is always highly respected. Like our other call center services, our funeral home answering services are high in quality and affordable in price.

Whenever a message needs to be delivered to your staff, our agents will deliver it promptly to the right person via your preferred method of communication. Our high standards in customer service ensure all your requirements are met. Each customized plan is backed by a proprietary software system that provides unlimited call scripting and allows our representatives to provide support whenever you want. Each and every call is logged, so all details, edited schedules, and analytics can be accessed via our secure online portal.

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