Phone Answering Services for Government Offices

AnswerMTI provides telephone answering services for local, state, and federal government agencies, which often have limited resources but are under high pressure to provide quality customer service. Our experienced representatives provide call handing support to reduce the workload on your staff at a fraction of the cost of hiring extra personnel.

Government agencies and offices often feel the pinch of limited resources more than companies in the private sector. Even when the economy at large is rolling steadily along, finding ways to increase efficiency and improve performance are usually at the top of government managers’ agendas. Luckily, there’s a simple yet often overlooked option that could save government offices big bucks while maintaining or even improving a high level of satisfaction.

Introducing AnswerMTI’s answering service for government entities. A full-time staff of professional receptionists ready to answer all of your incoming phone calls, providing callers with basic information and routing calls to the appropriate person or office within your department. Think of our government answering service as a front line of receptionists able to handle the easy calls on our own, and to get the harder ones to the right people the first time.

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Our Government Answering Service Saves You Time and Money

Government offices often experience high call volumes with the same types of questions. This can take up valuable time for busy staffers, but our government call center representatives can provide prompt responses that improve the perception of your agency. A live agent can relay important information about your office or fill out forms to collect all necessary data from callers.

How much time does your staff spend telling people where your office is located? How many times a day do you answer the same basic questions, or direct people to other government offices more suited to their questions, or take messages for the same essential persons in your department? How much could your office save if these phone calls were dealt with off-site by a team of professional receptionists who came at a fraction of the cost of in-office staff?

With our government answering service in place and working for you, you and your government office won’t have to deal with the multitude of repetitive calls you receive, but will get every higher-level call and message immediately. Your resources can be devoted to the more important government work you need to handle, and to the phone calls that don’t require the same set of stock answers you currently spend so much of your time on.

It isn’t just the immediate time and cost savings, either. Think about how much more your government office could achieve if you weren’t constantly interrupted by a ringing phone and basic questions. When our fully-trained answering service professionals have the information to give your callers, you won’t need to be bothered by anything that doesn’t actually require your expertise. That means more time spent taking care of government business, which means better performance ratings for you and your team.

Appointment Setting, Information Taking, and More

When people call and need to make an appointment with your office or schedule a callback, we can help you there, too. Our government answering service includes appointment setting services and customizable information forms. We will make sure you get the data you need on callers, and we’ll make sure your callers meet with the right people in your office when necessary.

From scheduling callbacks to providing call screening and patching, we offer a comprehensive set of call center services that also includes information intake and message delivery. Our goal is to help your agency focus on operating optimally and meeting key performance goals.

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