About Us

Providing World-Class Customer Service on Your Behalf
Founded in 1982, we have nearly 40 years of experience providing friendly, professional, U.S.-based call support. Our headquarters is located in the Atlanta, Georgia area, but we deliver great results with our call center services all across the United States.No matter how large or small your company, answering business phone calls and providing fast, accurate, and knowledgeable answers are at the core of our customer service. Every missed call or customer kept on hold too long can result in lost revenue and damage to your business reputation. AnswerMTI live answering service can change all that.

Choosing our customized call center services is a cost-effective and revenue-generating solution that can also give your brand image a boost. Our clients even report improved productivity when we take answering phone calls off their plate. The benefits to tapping AnswerMTI as an extension of your team are plentiful.

How Our U.S.-Based Receptionist Services Can Help

Outsourcing your incoming calls to our highly trained customer service agents offers these advantages over adding your own staff:

  • Making a great first impression by offering your company branded, professional greeting to all of your callers, day or night, with our 24-hour answering service.
  • Creating a seamless customer experience through the use of your own company terminology and the ability to transfer directly to your personnel when needed.
  • Handling your company’s most frequently asked questions regarding location, hours, sales information and requests for call-back, efficiently on the first call.
  • Improving customer communication by providing U.S.-based live answering service agents to offer the human interaction and assistance most callers want when they dial.
  • Providing an affordable answering service solution for start-ups and small businesses or a cost-effective customer support team for larger companies versus hiring additional employees to fill those requirements.
  • Eliminating interruptions and distractions for you and your in-house staff, increasing productivity throughout the day.
  • Increasing business opportunities by quickly answering every call and capturing each lead.

Growing Your Business Is Our Highest Priority

Today’s caller experience has become one of impersonal automated response systems, which can frustrate and alienate the valuable customers you strive to find and satisfy. The personal touch of our friendly, helpful team will be a refreshing and welcome change for those reaching out to your business.

You can see the difference our friendly and live answering service can make by taking advantage of a free trial of our 100% US-based nationwide programs. Whether you want a little assistance covering the phones or a full on 24-hour plan, we will find the right level of support to send your business to the next level with increased sales and world-class customer service.

Contact us today to find out more or try our services for free!