Hand arranging wood block stacking with icon life insuranceAnswerMTI provides telephone answering services for many industries. We know the insurance business is competitive and your agency must be able to take every call or existing and potential customers may choose a competitor. If someone is unhappy with your service, they’re unlikely to come back. To avoid this, calls must be answered as soon as the phone rings—every time. That’s what an answering service for an insurance company is for.

Operating an insurance answer center on your own can be time-consuming and expensive. You’ll need to hire receptionist staff (and worry about vacation days, health insurance, and sick leave). A wide range of equipment must be purchased and maintained as well.

There’s also the issue of time. Callers are likely to reach out after work or at times most convenient to them. That may be when your staff has gone home for the day, is busy with other calls, handling office tasks, or out in the field investigating an incident.

Benefits of an Outsourced Insurance Call Center

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At AnswerMTI, our agents are trained to handle a wide range of requirements and situations. Customers may reach out to insurance companies in all types of circumstances, from obtaining rate quotes to getting emergency assistance. The benefits of our insurance answering service include:

  • Emergency Call Handling: Accidents can occur at any time, so policyholders must be able to quickly contact claims adjusters and insurance representatives. Rarely is an insurance company staffed 24 hours a day, but we always have an agent ready to provide high-quality customer service. Around the clock, we can provide the support needed to answer customers’ questions, begin the claims process, and reassure customers your company is on their side.
  • Appointment Scheduling: We know insurers and their agents have busy schedules. Your policyholders may have a limited time to file their claims, and be reaching out to an agent they prefer to work with, but our system addresses all those challenges. Our agents have access to an online scheduling system. They can set or reschedule appointments, while your team will be instantly notified of any changes.
  • Bilingual Support: Our representatives speak English and Spanish so you can expand the range of clients that your insurance agency can serve. The ability to access a diverse array of communities can allow you to grow your business. Not to mention help more people when they need it the most. Language barriers will not get in the way of providing high-quality customer service.

In addition, our virtual receptionists can screen calls and patch them through to your staff when necessary. Unwanted or unnecessary calls can be filtered out as well. And most importantly, callers won’t have to deal with frustrating automated systems. They are instead greeted by a friendly, professional voice every time.

An Agency Answering Service Customized Just For You

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We tailor each plan specifically to every client’s needs. Three pricing packages are available, but if you need additional minutes, we can work with your requirements and budget to create a custom plan. Our U.S.-based agents work with businesses in the West, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast, so no matter where in the continental United States your agency is located, we can help. Plus, our plans are totally flexible so we can scale them up or down any time, and you pay for only what you use.

We strive to make our live answering services for insurance companies as affordable as possible. If you’ve never used a call center service, you can try one out for free to see how it works for your business. Sign up for your one-week trial to test it out for yourself.

For additional information and support, you can reach out to us online or call directly at 844-798-1027.