Customized Virtual Receptionist Services from US-based Remote Secretaries

Customer service executives working in call center

Running a business has enough challenges. From balancing the budget to marketing, there are never-ending things that you must do to keep your company afloat, but having a 24-hour customer support team does not have to be one of them. For a small fraction of what you would expect to pay a full-time employee, our virtual receptionist service operates 24×7 and can schedule appointments, process sales orders, and help your customers. Having a virtual receptionist can be very cost-efficient and beneficial.

Here are the benefits to consider when using a remote receptionist service.

Live Receptionist Benefits You Can’t Pass Up

Unless you have a large budget to dedicate to building out your own 24-hour in-house customer support team, having customer service representatives available around the clock to answer the phone, route callers, take messages, and provide excellent service is all but impossible. However, only offering customer service until the close of business can be quite frustrating for consumers who have needs outside of normal business hours.

One of the biggest benefits of a virtual call center is that your business is available at all times.This means that customers can get the support they need no matter the time or day.

By offering customer service reps around the clock, you not only benefit customers but also your own brand. Being available 24/7/365 will boost customer satisfaction and your company image. The more favorably customers see you, the more business you can expect.

Another notable benefit of using our virtual receptionist service is that you and your staff can better manage your time. Having to wear multiple hats throughout the day is not only tiring but takes time away from other business tasks. With a remote secretary service, your team can focus on its assigned duties versus having to divert attention every time the phone rings.


Choose AnswerMTI for the Best Answering Service

Since 1982, AnswerMTI has been providing remote virtual receptionist services to lawyers, physicians, contractors and many other industries. From live message taking and event registration to emergency dispatch services, we have solutions that are uniquely tailored to every type of company.
At AnswerMTI, we not only offer a team of skilled customer service professionals but virtual call center services that are reliable.With our company, you never have to worry about customers not getting the help or answers they need. Our virtual receptionist service is designed to assist anyone who calls your company in a professional manner that will leave them with nothing but a positive impression of your business.

Don’t go another day without a high-quality virtual secretary service. Call our team to learn more!