Phone Support from Professional Virtual Answering Service Agents Based in the U.S.

Whether you’re a busy executive or entrepreneur, outsourcing your office support can mean clients and customers get the service they deserve. AnswerMTI provides full support for businesses across the United States. Don’t have the budget to expand your office, purchase additional equipment, or pay a full-time salary? Not to worry—our virtual secretaries are trained to handle all types of office tasks at a price that is easy on your budget.

As part of our virtual assistant phone answering service, you can expect to receive:

  • 24/7 Phone Answering: Inbound calls can happen during business hours while you’re busy, or late at night or on weekends. Our staff can take the call so you can do your job and have peace of mind during off-hours. Plus, you won’t be stuck answering phones all day, especially during times of call overflow.
  • Custom Call Scripting: An experienced remote secretary knows how to present the right image of your business. We provide a custom script based on your company and its industry as well as your instructions. Every call is answered professionally in a manner that you would expect of a full-time employee.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Appointments can be scheduled and modified by our receptionists using your favorite online calendar. Receive updates via phone, email, or text. You never have to miss an opportunity with a prospective client, vendor, colleague, or customer ever again. Let our staff manage your calendar so you can focus on the most important thing in front of you at any given moment.
  • Bilingual Answering: We have bilingual operators on staff who can assist English- and Spanish-speaking callers. Your company can therefore reach out to a more diverse array of customers. Serving more people means your business has more opportunities to grow and profit. Our bilingual call answering service includes custom scripting, appointment scheduling, call patching, and more.
  • Order Processing: When needed, our virtual receptionists can provide credit card processing or assist with web-based order entry. We can help keep your sales going around the clock. Thanks to 24/7 order taking services, your business can reach or exceed its growth objectives.

Benefits of Virtual Assistant Phone Answering

A virtual assistant phone answering service can benefit your company on many levels. In addition to allowing you to be more competitive and focused on business, it can have the following advantages:

  • Lower Costs: If your operating budget is limited, we can help take away some of the financial burden. This means reduced hiring, training, and equipment expenses. Call answering and a wide range of tasks are handled by our live virtual agents.
  • Increased Productivity: Having too many tasks to do at once can slow you down. With a virtual secretary to answer your calls and manage your administrative tasks, you can concentrate on running your business and constantly improving your products and services.
  • Improved Customer Support: When a customer calls, they won’t encounter an automated message. A friendly receptionist will greet them and provide the service they need. When they feel valued and appreciated, it can make all the difference in terms of customer satisfaction.

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Our proprietary software enables our agents to leverage unlimited call scripting and assist customers in any way possible, ensuring they get what’s expected from your business. See how AnswerMTI’s live answering services work for your company with a free 7-day trial. There are no obligations and you can get started without sharing any credit card info. We’ll even help set up a completely customized plan.

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Businesses all over the U.S. can benefit from our virtual assistant phone answering service. We provide support from our headquarters in Atlanta, GA all the way up to Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. Our agents specialize in call handling for different industries, including legal, medical, real estate, property management, hospitality, education, government, and more. For additional details or to set up your free trial, call AnswerMTI at 844-798-1027 today.