Call Patching and Transfer Services

If you prefer to have your calls screened and then connected to you immediately, call patching services are the perfect choice!

Call patching is like having your own personal receptionist who screens and then transfers important calls to you or the correct department.


Call patching is essentially like having a virtual receptionist. Trained telephone agents answer your business calls from an offsite location (100% U.S. based in our case), then transfer calls appropriately to the right departments and individuals within your organization. More than just a switchboard, however, call patching agents also screen your calls carefully, ensuring that customers get the fast response they want while filtering out any unwanted or unnecessary calls.


For example: If your office regularly receives cold calls from solicitors looking to sell your company products or services you’re not interested in, a call patching agent can screen out these calls and dramatically reduce the interruptions they cause. Or, perhaps callers have a few common questions that make up the majority of phone calls. A call agent can provide standard responses for you, saving your staff from having to answer the same questions again and again.


When an AnswerMTI call patching agent receives a call for your business, they’ll first screen the call and decide whether it needs to be transferred. If it does, they’ll take down the caller’s name, any other info you might want up front, and their number in case they get disconnected. The agent will place them on hold, dial the designated patch number, and relay the call details to you. If you aren’t available or don’t want to take the call, the patching agent will take a message to be delivered as you wish. Should you agree to accept the call, the caller will then be transferred to you.


AMTI clients have the ability to designate the patching number and your calls will be swiftly relayed to you or another designated person. Because every business is unique, we’ll customize a call transfer protocol to suit your specific requirements. If you need to update or change it, our skilled agents can update it for you at any time.

Get Reliable Call Patching with Live Receptionists from AnswerMTI

At AnswerMTI, we strive to provide the highest caliber of call patching services to suit any kind of business. All of our agents are live, U.S.-based professionals, saving your callers from complex automated answering systems and poor international connection quality.


Our call screening and transfer services solve two common business problems. The first is that handling calls with your internal team is a distraction that interrupts workflows and keeps your people from focusing on their core duties all day. Many calls don’t even require your attention and can be handled by our competent staff without throwing you off your game. The second is that callers often get frustrated by having to deal with automated systems or when they get passed around from department to department just trying to speak with the right person. With our call handling team on the job, your callers get to speak with a real person right away who is going to direct their call to the right place every time.


Allow your team to focus on their jobs and give your callers the feeling that they are a priority, because with AnswerMTI, they are! Contact us today to learn more about how AnswerMTI call patching services can benefit your business!