Live Answering Service for Eye Doctors

optometrist checking a patient's eyes while his answering service handles phone callsOptometrists, opticians, and ophthalmologists have been depending on AnswerMTI’s live answering service for eye doctors since 1982. Patients depend on eye doctors to care for their eyesight. It’s critical they feel well-served and that your business can be trusted to meet their needs.

We provide a leading nationwide medical answering service, with affordable, customized solutions. Our virtual receptionists are located here in the U.S. and are able to take any type of call. Full-time support is available, so, even when someone can’t answer the phone at your office, your business can still provide high-quality customer service. Our receptionists are trained to handle various matters in the eye-care industry.

Immediate Call Answering

Phone calls to your office are answered right away by our talented receptionists, so there is no wait time. Our team is available 24/7/365. They can answer questions, take messages, or schedule appointments on your behalf so you can focus on your most important task, which is often the patient in front of you. 

Emergency patient calls can be forwarded to an on-call ophthalmologist. Your on-call staff can be contacted via text message, email, phone call, or app notification from our call center staff. Just set the criteria, and we’ll know when and who to send messages to.

Streamline Your processes

Patients usually have a good reason to contact an eye specialist. Having a knowledgeable, compassionate representative on the other end of the line can help calm their anxiety. Our receptionists can field questions from potential patients and help with the intake process. They can acquire information on health history, insurance plans, and more to streamline intake, while appointment scheduling helps save time as well.


virtual receptionist for eye doctorsIf staff members are away from their desks or busy with other tasks, our receptionist team fills their shoes. It may even be possible to reduce your staff or avoid bringing on additional staffing. Along with fewer equipment and service needs, AnswerMTI’s virtual receptionist services for eye doctors can save you money while allowing you to focus on patient care.


Any healthcare practice must meet the latest regulations. Our answering services enable your business to run efficiently while ensuring the security and confidentiality of your patients’ personal information. Patients should trust their ophthalmologist and supporting office staff. We are committed to ensuring they can by using the best technology and strict operational practices to protect sensitive data.

A Friendlier Alternative to Voicemail

Dealing with an automated menu or being sent to voicemail doesn’t provide the immediate attention a patient deserves. Day or night, callers are greeted by a friendly receptionist. Our eye doctor answering service ensures they get the service needed, bringing them one step closer to treatment, easing their nerves, and painting a great impression of your business. Since our receptionists are bilingual, help is always available to Spanish-speaking callers, expanding your potential patient base.

OUr happy clients Continue to Praise AnswerMTI

Our phone support helps clients meet their goals and provide the customer service needed for their practices to thrive. A live person is always there to answer the phone. We consistently receive positive feedback on the speed and responsiveness of our staff and how courteous and professional they are. 

Even during tough times, such as major weather events, our dedicated receptionists are available. Patients can receive help when office staff cannot be there. Many of our eye-care clients have long-term relationships with us and continue to express their gratitude after all these years.

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AnswerMTI not only gives your business an edge. We also ensure your patients can talk to a compassionate person on the other end of the line. Virtual receptionists can handle any type of call, thanks to unlimited customized scripting options. Our eye doctor answering service is 100% based in the U.S. and is available nights, weekends, and holidays. Sign up today for a free one-week trial or subscribe for a low monthly fee. To learn more, speak with us directly at 844-798-1027.