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Hospitality Answering Service

Hospitality Answering Service

The hospitality industry is competitive, and customer service is the key to standing out from the pack. Many customers’ first impression of a hotel, Bed & Breakfast, or other hospitality service provider is the phone call they place to the front desk. If that phone isn’t answered promptly, pleasantly, and professionally, you might have just lost a guest for life.

Of course, there is considerable cost in hiring full-time staff to man your phones and make sure there is always someone at the ready for an incoming call. You’ll either end up paying for staff hours spent idly waiting for a phone call, or end up with overworked receptionists who can’t make it to every call on the first ring. The solution? An answering service designed with the hospitality industry in mind.

Inbound Call Support for Hospitality Provider Large and Small

Overflow, after hours, or full-time, and whether you average just a few calls a day or a phone call every minute, our answering service is fully flexible and can provide your hospitality industry with a cost-effective way to ensure every phone call is handled with the utmost attention to customer service. Our custom scripts ensure that callers to your business will never know they’re talking to an off-site receptionist, giving your business an intimate and personable feel with the phone power of a Fortune 500 company.

Even hotel chains and other larger hospitality organizations can benefit from off-site call center hospitality answering services. The live, professionally trained receptionists staffing our hospitality answering service know how to go above and beyond for hospitality businesses and customers, and can help you book rooms, encourage customers to purchase additional amenities, and ensure that every over-the-phone experience your customers have takes place with five-star service and ends with complete satisfaction.

We even offer full-service booking and payment processing capabilities, and can transmit guest and transaction information to you as soon as it comes in or on a schedule you determine. Many guests might end up arriving at your doors without having spoken to any of your onsite hospitality staff, but thanks to our answering service they’ll arrive confident that their stay will meet each and every one of their expectations.

Expect More From Your Answering Service

At AnswerMTI, we give our clients the same courtesy and professional treatment that they extend to their hospitality guests. We’re not just a call center anymore than your business is just a hotel—we’re a true service provider, who treats each client like a personal guest.

If your hospitality business has unique answering service needs, or if you’re not receiving the stellar service you deserve, give us a call or contact us today. Hospitality owners and workers deserve to be taken care of just like anyone else, and our answering service professionals would be happy to take care of you.

Fully Customized Live Answering Services for Lodging Establishments Like Yours



Flexible Hospitality Answering Service for ALL Your Inbound Call Requirements

After hours, over weekends or academic breaks, during periods of exceptionally high call volume—even if your inn or hotel doesn’t need a full-time answering service, our fully-flexible answering service solutions can give you a helping hand—and voice—whenever you need it. No matter what’s going on on your place of lodging, you can make sure your business phones are being answered promptly and pleasantly, giving a professional and welcoming voice to your property.

Call or contact us today and see how our hospitality answering service can benefit you. You’ll feel right at home.

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