Bilingual Answering Service

24/7 Spanish answering services to connect your business with the Hispanic community.

At AnswerMTI we understand the need for professional customer support for the Spanish-speaking callers. That’s why we offer expertly trained, US-based receptionists who are fluent in both English and Spanish. Our bilingual call center services keep you connected by providing 24 hour phone coverage so your business can reach this market in a dependable, cost effective manner.

The U.S. Latino community is a powerful economic force. The Hispanic population in New York City and Los Angeles both exceed 1.8 million people and not far behind these areas are Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, Dallas and Phoenix. There are also large, emerging Spanish-speaking communities in places like Atlanta, Denver, and Nashville.

Many Hispanic callers are much more comfortable speaking with someone in their native language. Without a bilingual answering service, it can be difficult to assist members of these communities who may be most comfortable speaking in Spanish. The last thing you want to do as a business is alienate those you seek to serve.

With our affordable bilingual answering services, you can offer responsive, convenient support to an even wider range of customers. If your business requires assistance helping callers who speak Spanish you’ll be glad know that we assist attorneys, contractors, small businesses and all kinds of industries. We even offer medical answering services in Spanish to doctors and physicians making it easier for many Latino customers across the U.S. to schedule appointments and discuss other healthcare issues over the phone.

Affordable, Experienced & Reliable Spanish Answering Service

The benefits of our bilingual answering services extend far beyond accessibility for Spanish-speaking customers. We save your company time and money with cutting-edge technology, custom scriptingreal-time message delivery, appointment scheduling, call patching, order processing, and more bilingual receptionist services. Calls will be received right here in the United States by friendly, professional agents using your business name and/or any custom greeting you request. Secretaries can also share company updates and other details with callers, per your instruction.

An outsourced live telephone receptionist is cost effective and saves time while making sure your customer’s needs are met 24 hours a day, nights, weekends and holidays. Not having to provide in-house phone answering also frees up your staff to do other work and focus on dealing with customers in person. Plus, AnswerMTI handles all receptionist management—things like sick days, vacations, breaks, and other staffing concerns need never interrupt your business. With our 24/7 coverage, nothing slips through the cracks!

Partner with AnswerMTI for Answering Services with Bilingual Receptionists

All agents are US-based and put through a vigorous training course to better support your clients, no matter what their needs. With today’s population climate, bilingual answering services is a must for most businesses in the professional industries.

Discover for yourself why we are considered by many to be a leading Spanish Answering Service provider with low rates and unmatched professionalism.

To find out how a 24/7 Spanish answering service can benefit your business, contact us today!