Attorney Answering Service

Attorneys and law firms require special call handling and expertise. AnswerMTI is a professional 24 hour Attorney Answering Service delivering professional receptionist services for legal offices since 1982. Our receptionists are highly trained to handle all types of legal intake calls from all types of practices, and that’s why lawyers from across the nation trust us to handle their client’s legal matters with complete professionalism.

For any legal practice, phone calls can come in at any time, whether your staff is in the office or not. That is why we’re here 24/7, including weekends and holidays, to handle important matters and ensure your practice offers the prompt answers and assistance your clients deserve. As a partner with AnswerMTI you will always enjoy simple pricing with no contracts or hidden fees. Bilingual receptionists are available as well.

About AnswerMTI Legal Answering Services

Your law firm or independent legal practice requires specialized call handling and knowledgeable receptionists who can provide a seamless experience for your callers. The legal receptionist team at AnswerMTI can assist with call answering, client intake, and appointment scheduling, as well as ensuring important messages get to the right person quickly. Our attorney answering service agents are highly trained to handle all types of legal calls for every type of law firm. With a live answering service as part of your team, you will make a real connection with new clients by answering their call the first time and scheduling more consultations. AnswerMTI answering service for attorneys gives you the edge over your competition and help you grow your practice. 

Our legal call center solutions also includes online management tools so you can track call volume and other data your legal practice needs. Ultimately, it can help you be more productive. A law firm answering service also helps improve your reputation, refine your brand image, and attract potential clients.

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The Benefits of Our 24-Hour Answering Service for Attorneys

You and your legal team are busy, and your time is valuable. Some of the reasons to consider adding a U.S.-based lawyer answering service today include:

  • With professionally trained call coverage 24/7/365, your clients enjoy fast, responsive service every time they call.
  • You’ll enjoy the ability to connect with potential clients who may have limited opportunities to use the phone and who often call during nights or weekends.
  • You’ll be able to manage your practice better with real-time message delivery and effective online management tools.
  • We provide opportunities for attorneys to be more productive and increase their billable hours all while polishing your brand image, helping build your reputation and attracting more clients.

Proprietary Technology Directs Receptionist Conversations

Our proprietary software allows you to create unlimited call scripts that enable our legal answering service agents to provide your approved answers to common client questions while knowing when to defer the question to an attorney. Our professional U.S.-based receptionists will seamlessly integrate with your in-house office staff so that your clients will see one unified team working for you.

Tailored Law Firm Answering Service Solutions

Our answering services are 100% based in the U.S. and include local and national coverage. We customize each account based on the unique preferences and requirements of each attorney. We specialize in many areas of practice like personal injury, DUI, criminal lawyers, family law and many others.

Personal Injury

By the time a client calls, they’re already in pain. From bodily injuries to economic crisis, distress or grievances, each claim should be handled with professionalism and respect. That’s where we step in. We provide personal injury lawyers and firms with competent, compassionate live answer telephone coverage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Criminal Law

DUI and drug related offenses are common cases for most criminal defense practices. Often, new clients call for representation in the middle of the night and on weekends when your office is closed. AnswerMTI provides criminal defense attorneys with professional telephone coverage, and helps your practice to capture more new business. Even when you’re out of the office, we’re there with friendly, competent and professional support 24 per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Our live legal receptionist will pick up the phone whenever your calls come in.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law firms operate 24 hours per day in a multinational, web enabled world –Corporate counsel and firms who support businesses must be prepared to answer urgent phone calls throughout the day and night. Being available when clients need you boosts your reputation and revenues. We can help with customized call scripting, online management tools and real time message delivery.



What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

People who have used our call services for attorneys express comfort in letting our receptionists answer calls when they’re busy or away from the office. The courtesy and professionalism of our law firm virtual receptionists, speed of answer, and skillful handling of all calls are highly regarded within the legal industry.

Gather Evidence with a Free Trial of our Attorney Answering Service

Your firm can try AnswerMTI’s 24-hour attorney answering service completely free for one week, with simple ongoing pricing, no contract, and no hidden fees. We have been helping criminal attorneys, personal injury lawyers, and corporate law firms make a great first impression since 1982.

We know that no two practices are the same and no two clients are alike, and that’s why we understand the value of leaving your customers with a lasting impression that speaks highly of your law firm. As one of the nations leading Attorney Answering Services we value your business and we strive to meet even the highest standards of the toughest critics. To show you how serious we are we invite you to take full advantage of a one week free, no obligation trial.

The verdict is clear: A professional attorney answering service can bring more clients to your office while preventing time-wasting calls which will never generate a client relationship. We understand that your professional reputation and your client connections are paramount to a successful legal practice. Let us take the calls your team might otherwise miss. Contact us today to get a quote and start your free trial.

To learn more or inquire about pricing, call us today at (844) 798-1027.