Call Answering Service for Roofing Companies

Call center agent for roofing answering service company

Roofing companies and contractors often put in a busy day, and your day-to-day schedule can change dramatically. A roofer is often on the jobsite talking to the client or performing roof repair. Every phone call you get can be a business opportunity. Missing just one can be bad for business, but AnswerMTI’s roofing contractor answering service can fill in the gaps to ensure you never have to choose between answering a call or holding onto a ladder.

Our professional answering agents are highly trained and skilled at dealing with any type of call. They can serve as virtual receptionists or field common questions. We provide unlimited call scripting so our representatives can offer the same level of customer service that you would if your hands were free all day. Whether the customer needs roof repair, a new roof installed, or requests an inspection, we ensure they reach a real person and not a recording.

24/7 Roofer Answering Service

Owning a roofing company can be challenging. You might find it hard to shut off the phone after work, but rest assured you can enjoy the evening, weekend, or a holiday, as our agents can take calls at any hour, any day of the year. They can gather information, forward priority calls, and take messages so your customer satisfaction goals are always met. Our answering service for roofing companies can even help grow your business as agents can qualify leads and schedule them for a follow up.

How We Can Help

While we’re based in Atlanta, GA, calls for roofing companies located on the west or east coasts or in the southeast, midwest, or southwest can be answered promptly and professionally. Our live agents fulfill a wide range of roles for roofing companies of any size, including:

Answering Inbound Calls

Most calls come in during business hours, when roofers may be out in the field. Yet calls may come in at any time, possibly requiring crews to be dispatched. Our agents can take the call and, if necessary, send an alert via phone, text, or email. If the call is urgent, you can then respond and address the customer’s concerns as quickly as possible.

Scheduling Appointments

Whether you need to schedule a consultation with a customer, materials delivery from a vendor, or the start of a roofing project, our staff is here to help organize your day. We integrate with the latest online calendar software that you can access in real time. You’ll also receive instant updates on any changes or cancellations.

Patching Calls

We know there are situations when you’ll need to be reached. That’s why our roofing answering service includes call patching, in which our receptionist will screen the call and transfer it to you or the most appropriate department. Many calls involve common questions our agents can answer to save time. Sometimes your personal attention is needed, and we’ll forward that call and/or message directly to you once our live operator accurately screens it.

Bilingual Answering

Everybody needs a roof! Serving a diverse population can help your business grow. At AnswerMTI, we offer bilingual support, meaning we have receptionists who can speak fluent English and Spanish. This allows us to provide support for Spanish-speaking customers, sub-contractors, and anyone else who needs to communicate with your business. Callers receive the same friendly, professional service by our experienced agents.

Emergency Answering

Pay for what you use, and by the minute, with our customizable emergency answering service. Urgent calls aren’t uncommon in the roofing industry. A severe storm, leak, or construction problem can cause an unforeseen situation. Our agents can communicate with customers, contractors, disaster recovery professionals, or anyone else needed in roofing emergency situations.

Why Choose AnswerMTI Roofing Answering Service?

Roofer Working On Exterior Of New Home

AnswerMTI answering service for roofing contractors can help improve productivity, reduce operating costs as no extra equipment or staff are needed, and provide flexibility. All our plans are customizable so you only pay for what you use. Our customers often praise how easy we are to work with and the diligence our agents demonstrate on every call. Their courtesy and professionalism can be expected to benefit a roofing contractor in any situation, at any time.

There are no long-term contracts. Our agreements are flexible and arranged on a month-to-month basis. To get started with a free 7-day trial and learn whether our answering service for roofers is a good fit for you, call 844-798-1027 today.