Physician Answering Services

Patient care is at the center of everything you do. From booking appointments for office visits to post-visit treatment, your patients expect and deserve to receive high-quality care and attention. As a general or primary care physician, your focus should be on treating the ailments of patients while allowing the team around you to handle day-to-day operations.

With a practice that continues to thrive and grow, this means leveraging the power of a physician answering service in order to ensure patients receive the assistance they need.

Benefits of Using an Answering Service for Physicians

An answering service for primary care physicians brings with it many benefits that deliver immediate results. We know that your time is better spent in the examination room than worrying about phones being answered, which is why AnswerMTI provides clients with a professional, live physician answering service. Some of the reasons physicians and doctors’ offices choose AnswerMTI include:

  • 24/7 Support – Medical questions and emergencies don’t just happen during business hours. Our team of live receptionists are available at all hours to help your patients get the information they need.
  • Personal and Professional Interactions – As a physician, it is extremely important that a patient’s privacy and rights are protected at all times. Our agents are compliant with all laws and regulations (including HIPAA) and take a professional approach to each interaction.
  • Bilingual Calling Services – AnswerMTI’s bilingual support team is here to help any and all callers get exactly what they need, no matter what. Have peace of mind knowing all your patients are being taken care of.
  • Resource Savings – Working with a dedicated answering service means that operations in your practice can be focused on patient care first. Our agents not only answer the phones and help patients find solutions, they also assist in appointment scheduling that keeps your calendar full and your staff on track.

Developing a customized physician answering service for your practice enables you to provide the utmost in care for all of your patients. See why more general physicians are choosing to work with AnswerMTI and learn about all the ways you can benefit from our solutions. Contact a representative today to get started.