Emergency Maintenance Calls: Why an Apartment Answering Service Is Important

In an emergency maintenance situation, the first call tenants make is to the building owner or property manager. However, with scheduling apartment viewings and answering vacancy queries, in addition to collecting and updating rental payments on their lists, an owner or manager may be unable to get to calls right away. Then factor in that it always seems like urgent maintenance calls come in at night after the office is closed, and you’ve got to have a way to deal with these situations around the clock. Fortunately, a property management maintenance call service offers a way to ensure that no call is unanswered.

How Tenants Benefit

tenant frustrated waiting for phone call

Although your building’s automated phone system may seem capable of handling the calls you receive in a typical business day, it can’t prioritize emergencies or offer the caller instant access to a person—but, with apartment answering service, professional operators are there to answer in just a few rings.

When an emergency call is received, the caller can speak with a friendly, professional, and sympathetic agent who can offer instant assistance, no matter the time of day or night. They can instantly alert your on-call maintenance technician so that the problem can be solved ASAP. The agent prioritizes every call received according to its level of urgency so that emergency calls can be addressed when needed.

The level of personal attention that a property management call answering service provides your tenants cannot be matched by an automated system. When they know they can rely on you for help in an emergency, your tenants will feel that they matter.

How You Benefit

Property managers who handle after-hours calls themselves or just have them routed to their cell phones will instantly be thankful for the benefits of having a property management call answering service taking the wheel. Finally, you’ll be able to leave work at work, enjoy your evenings/weekends, and get an uninterrupted night of sleep.

Every agent who answers emergency maintenance calls from your tenants has been professionally trained for that specific role. This means you can always know your calls are being properly handled, even after hours.

Using an on-call roster that you provide, agents are able to route calls to exactly the right individual for the job; there’s no more risk of wasting time and money calling in the wrong person or team.

The cost savings of using a live answering service are substantial. Instead of paying for expensive phone systems, and then having to train existing staff or hire additional staff, you only pay a flat rate for the level of service you choose. Your agent’s wages, sick days, insurance, and other costs are paid by their company, not yours.

When your tenants are happy, they will tell others about it. This can mean fewer vacancies and existing tenants who may choose to stay for a longer term.

Your professional remote receptionist can do far more than answer the phone and prioritize calls. They can also schedule appointments for prospective tenants interested in viewing available units. Additionally, they can schedule other appointments, such as move-out inspections and regular maintenance. They can also answer questions for tenants and prospective residents about unit availability, rates, and amenities.

Getting Professional Live Answering Is Easy

Apartment Answering Service Agents

Your tenants shouldn’t have to wait for emergency maintenance help. If you don’t have a streamlined, effective plan for urgent calls no matter the time of day, it’s time for a different solution.

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