Top 10 Reasons Your Business Should Utilize Virtual Receptionist Services

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Having a successful business means that even if you’re very busy, you still need to be able to be available to your customers. If customers are calling your company and being put on hold, are forced to deal with your voicemail, or must go through a seemingly never-ending queue of recorded options, it’s likely that they are becoming frustrated. Your business could benefit from a live virtual receptionist service.

Why Choose a Virtual Receptionist Service for Your Business?

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There are many more reasons to choose a virtual receptionist service to answer business phone calls from your customers that can be covered. However, these are some of the more popular reasons that businesses choose to use a remote receptionist.

1. Your Customers Get a Real Person – Always

Because a virtual receptionist service is available around the clock and all year round, your customers can benefit from speaking with a live person whenever they call you. This can mean a lot to them, especially if they need to get in touch with your business after hours.

2. The Service Can Be Adapted to Your Requirements

Another great thing about virtual receptionist services is that it can be tailored to the requirements of your business. For example, if you’d rather use the customized virtual receptionist services only during busy times to avoid your staff getting overwhelmed, you can do this. If your business is experiencing rapid growth, all you need to do is choose the next level of service. The same is true during slower periods; simply get in touch with the company to let them know you need a lower service level.

3. You Pay for What You Use – Period

The benefit of having this service is that you only pay for the level of service you’re going to use. Virtual receptionists are professionally trained, but by the company they work for and not by you. The same is true of their salary and benefits. You simply request your preferred service level, and they work according to this month-to-month agreement. It couldn’t be any easier!

4. Bilingual Service Is Available

If part of your customer base consists of Spanish-speaking individuals, another great reason to hire a virtual receptionist service is its bilingual option. These receptionists are already fluent in Spanish, which allows your customers to communicate in a way that’s most comfortable for them. Since your callers are able to speak in their preferred language and the receptionist is fluent as well, the information communicated is accurate and clear, allowing you to provide stellar customer service to all of your customers.

5. Experts in Your Industry

Virtual secretaries are available for a wide variety of industries. For example, a legal firm can benefit from virtual receptionists who understand legal terminology and are able to provide intake services to make sure attorneys are getting the cases that they want. Or how about a doctor’s office that can benefit from live receptionists with medical familiarity and who can help with after-hours emergencies and schedule appointments?

6. Word-of-Mouth Advertising and Online Reviews

Virtual receptionists provide your customers with the opportunity to speak with a real person, which, in these days of recordings and computers, is a unique offering. Customers will talk about their positive experiences with those they know—and likely with those they don’t in the form of positive online reviews of your company. This will result in even more would-be customers wanting to get in touch with you. This passive advertising doesn’t cost you a cent, but it can mean a lot to your business’s bottom line.

7. Higher Staff Productivity

Once a person has been interrupted at their task, it can take several minutes to regain focus. This is exactly what can happen when your staff members are forced to leave their daily jobs to answer calls. However, when you hire virtual receptionists, your staff can do the jobs they were hired to do without interruption, which can greatly increase their productivity.

8. Better Organization

In addition to answering customer calls, your virtual receptionists can also record information about a customer, as well as take messages and direct and arrange calls in order of priority. This can make your staff’s job (and yours) that much easier. Instead of having to sift through dozens of phone messages and prioritize them when they come in, your 24-hour virtual live answering service has already done all of this the night before. This allows your staff to get right to work at the beginning of the day.

9. Instant Professionalism

Even though your business may be small or very new, hiring virtual receptionists can provide your company with the look and feel of an established enterprise. This level of professionalism can instantly develop trust and credibility. It also makes a lasting impression on your current customers and also helps drive prospective customers through your sales funnel to purchasing the products and services you sell.

10. Drastically Reduced Overhead

The staff members who work for you require a space in which to work, as well as computers to complete their tasks. Coffee, basic office supplies, and energy costs add up. This doesn’t even begin to touch on the cost of interviewing, hiring, and training new employees—then you have to pay a full salary, benefits, sick time, and on and on it goes. Because virtual receptionists are situated off-site, they occupy no additional space in your office, nor do they require you to purchase any equipment, pay for their vacation time, or any of the other costs associated with traditional in-house employees.

How to Find the Right Service

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You’ll want to be sure you don’t only go by how much the service is charging. Instead, focus on cost-effectiveness and keep an eye on customization options. Flexibility is also key. Don’t forget to look out for different ways that some companies might try to nickel and dime you to make up for what appears to be a cheap rate. Above all, make sure the service provider is going to do a great job representing your company with your best interests in mind.

The company you choose will need to be able to handle the level of calls coming from your company and be able to complete all associated tasks, including:

  • Redirecting customer calls
  • Providing general information about your business
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Taking messages
  • Greeting the customers

If a company can meet all of your expectations, this is the company to choose, because they can provide you with the peace of mind you need while they handle your calls after hours, during busy times, in emergency situations, and beyond.

Virtual Receptionist Services from AnswerMTI

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AnswerMTI’s virtual receptionists not only offer a wide range of service levels but ensure that your customers will always be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Find out how AnswerMTI can provide your business with virtual receptionist services today. Call 844-798-1027.