What Is a Live Phone Answering Service?

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Businesses can receive calls any time, day or night, on weekends, and even on holidays. A live call answering service avoids forcing callers to be greeted by an automated voice response system. Bots and voicemail reduce the quality of customer service. Rather than frustrating people and creating a negative impression, a telephone answering service allows a live agent to respond to every call—and even enables small businesses to compete with larger organizations.

Taking call after call can be time-consuming. Most small business owners have many tasks to tend to throughout the day. Depending on their industry, some may be out in the field and unable to answer calls. With a live phone answering service, telephone answering is outsourced to a third party.

Live receptionists are trained in how to answer phone calls and deal with a variety of situations your business faces; they can always provide full customer service and support.

How Live Answering Services Work

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AnswerMTI offers customized plans. Our account specialist works to understand your company, brand, and specific challenges, as well as who your customers are. A custom call script can be created so live agents know how to address your callers and relay the appropriate information to callers and your team. You’ll never miss an important call, let’s look at how virtual receptionists work:

Screened Calls

Not every call may need to be transferred to you. Our virtual receptionist can ask specific questions to understand the nature of the call. If it needs to be forwarded, they can brief you on the customer’s needs or set up a follow-up call. We also offer call patching and transfer based on specific requirements you set.

Appointment Setting

If the caller’s goal is to schedule an appointment, our trained agents can do that and update your online calendar. This ensures you never miss a meeting or appointment. You’ll also have real-time updates to your schedule always available.

Bilingual Answering Services

When the person on the other end is Spanish-speaking, our receptionists can communicate in their native language to address their needs. This is a positive reflection on your business, as it shows you’re committed to customer satisfaction.

Urgent Call Handling

Our team is trained to respond to high-priority situations, whether the customer has a crisis or an emergency event in your area is impacting your ability to handle calls. We are always ready to calmly address any situation.

Remote Secretarial Services

Live receptionists can answer questions and also provide a wide range of remote assistance to customers. They can process sales orders or assist with technical support as well.

Why Invest in Live Answering Services for Businesses?

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A live phone call answering service allows your staff to be more productive rather than spending much of the day taking calls. Since we employ unlimited call scripting, our agents greet callers in any way you’d like to represent your brand. Receptionists are also informed on how to handle various situations.

Customers are greeted almost instantly by a real person, so they know their needs are being met, which can help improve satisfaction as well as customer loyalty. Every caller feels like they are a valuable member to you, ensuring a more personal and attentive customer service experience.

This approach not only enhances the overall customer experience but also fosters a sense of trust and reliability in your service. Every call we answer is an opportunity to provide personalized help to the customer and improve your reputation.

A live answering service reduces overhead costs too. Hiring a receptionist staff and procuring the necessary equipment is expensive. Now, there’s no need to train part-time or full-time employees to manage calls. This saves significant resources on recruitment, training, and office infrastructure.

Why AnswerMTI?

At AnswerMTI we distinguish ourselves as a premier choice for phone answering services, primarily due to a scalable and flexible nature. The services are specifically designed to grow with your business, accommodating increases in call volume seamlessly as your company expands.

This scalability ensures effective customer interaction management without the need for additional infrastructure or staffing investments. Furthermore, our flexibility allows us to adapt to specific business needs, whether it’s handling seasonal peaks, promotional periods, or unexpected surges in customer inquiries.

In addition to our adaptability, AnswerMTI is a cost-effective solution compared to the expenses of hiring and training a full receptionist staff. The service boasts a team of trained professionals who handle calls with utmost professionalism, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customizable to fit your business’s unique requirements, from managing standard inquiries to scheduling and information provision, AnswerMTI also offers the crucial advantage of 24/7 availability. This around-the-clock service is especially beneficial for businesses with global operations or those needing after-hours support.

Our combination of cost-efficiency, professional expertise, and customer-focused approach make us an excellent choice for efficient and reliable live phone answering services.

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