How Can an Answering Service Benefit Electricians and Plumbers?

As a plumber or electrician, the bulk of your time is likely being spent at client homes or businesses, but, when clients call, they want to speak to a real person and not a recording. How can you do this when you don’t even have time to answer your phone? You hire a plumbing and electrical answering service.

electrician checking on furnace dial

What exactly is a live answering service? It consists of one or more live professional operators who work for your company and personally answer all your client calls, as well as provide information and schedule appointments.

Benefits of Live Answering Service

A live answering service offers several benefits to you and to your clients.

  1. Money

Live answering service saves your business money because it is outsourced. The live operators work for another company, which means you don’t have to hire new employees or shoulder the cost of wages, benefits, and sick days; you simply pay for the service you require.

In having real live people answering your phones, your customers receive the kind of personal, empathetic service that builds trust, and this will keep you at the top of customer lists when they need your services.

  1. Time

When your calls are being answered by live operators, you can spend your time focusing on completing installation or repair tasks. This is because the job of live answering service operators is to both answer your client calls and provide your clients with needed information about your business.

Live operators can answer basic questions and schedule appointments for you so that you can concentrate on the task at hand. This also means more time for your existing staff, who won’t have to be taken away from their regular daily tasks.

  1. Convenience

Live answering service is convenient. The customer can reach you any time of day and get answers. Not only that, but getting this service for your business only requires a phone call. There are no complicated computer systems or software required; this service can integrate seamlessly with your business.

  1. Professional Operators

Live answering service operators are professionals in their field. Answering calls is what they’ve been professionally trained to do. That means your customers get top-quality service every time they call, and in a language they understand.

  1. You Have Full Control

A live answering service grows with your business. In slower times, you can choose a smaller package to keep your costs low. When your business grows, simply choose a larger package of minutes that can support increased call volumes.

Customer Service Is Everything

When you have affordable, reliable, professional operators answering calls, you can provide customers with the service they deserve without breaking the bank. Live answering service can also put your business steps ahead of the competition, thanks to the fact it allows you to build strong customer relationships.

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AnswerMTI’s live plumbing and electrician answering service won’t keep customers waiting. To discover more about how our warm, friendly and professional operators can add value to your business, call 1-800-673-2000.