Farewell to 2015!


2015 has been an exciting year for us! It even featured the start of our blog. We look forward to 2016, but we thought we would have a look back on some of the best posts from our inaugural blog year.

Image of a person holding a sparkler to celebrate 2015

This year has afforded us many opportunities. We have gotten to not only bring on some great, new customers, but we have been able to provide even better service to our loyal clients. On top of all that, early in the year we decided to begin blogging. Fresh content is added regularly and while we write lots about answering services, we also cover plenty of broader business topics. Here are a few of the most popular posts from the first year of our blog!

Brand Your Business Phones with an Answering Service

This was our very first post back in April. Proper branding of business phones is so important that we figured it was the best place to start for our blog.

Are You Giving Business Away to Your Competitors?

Not answering your phones with a live person or having calls sent to voicemail is one of the quickest ways to turn away business and send potential customers running into the arms of your competitors.

Only One Shot at a First Impression

Your business only gets one opportunity to make a first impression on people. It better make the most of every chance, because callers can make their decision to do business with you in the first few seconds of their interaction.

5 Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

Social media can give small businesses a big boost if they know how to take advantage of the tools available to them to engage the online community.

5 Ingredients for an Awesome Customer Service Recipe

It takes the perfect blend of ingredients to create an ideal recipe for customer service, but if you get it right, you’ll keep customers coming back for more.

How to Prevent Missed Sales Opportunities

One of the most frustrating things in business is missing out on a sales opportunity. This post explores a surefire way to keep that from happening where it tends to take place the most.

7 Tips for a Successful Video Conference Meeting

Video meetings are becoming more and more common, but they can easily become awkward and counterproductive. Following these tips will ensure your video conference goes smoothly.

How to Give a Phone Interview

Hiring the right people is the key to success. The phone interview portion is your first chance to speak with candidates and really zero in on who you’d like to meet with in person.

What is the Difference Between an Answering Service and a Virtual Receptionist?

A lot of people wonder what the difference is between these two. We are here to set the record straight and explain which features help differentiate answering services and virtual receptionist services.

We hope you all have enjoyed 2015 as much as we have and we look forward to expanding on our blog even more in 2016. Check back for fresh content and may your new year be filled with peace and prosperity.