Your Answering Service Must Keep Pace With Your Business


Your business is in a long distance race. If your support team can’t maintain a good pace with you, failure is a certainty. An answering service must be able to keep up with your company as it develops, grows, evolves, and strives to win the race.

Image of a runner at sunrise

Think of your telephone answering service as one of your partners. Not just a metaphorical race partner, but a legit strategic partner in your company’s pursuit of success. After all, an answering service really does serve as an extension of your business. They are in it with you.

What’s one of the things every successful business has in common? They never stay stagnant. They are always in motion, adapting, and changing to better serve their customers. So what happens if a business answering service is rigid, set in their ways, and terrible at being flexible? They ultimately hold back the companies they are supposed to be supporting.

Say you are a retailer or some sort of service provider. From time to time you are going to add new products or services. So you’ll want to revamp your answering service script and keep them updated so they can be in the loop and keep providing a stellar customer experience.

  • Perhaps you use a call center for order taking purposes. That call center needs to be flexible enough to work with you to make sure new offerings are reflected in your catalog and that their agents keep current with any changes.
  • Maybe you’re a landscaper that now offers snow removal in the winter. It would be a good idea to update your answering service greeting to promote that service.
  • It may be the case that you are expanding to serve a new demographic and now need to be able to support Spanish speaking callers. A bilingual answering service is the perfect tool to help you make the leap.

There are a fair share of answering services out there that are too structured to accommodate your changes or are too slow to adapt to your needs. If you encounter one of those, you’d best turn and run! Those providers are not in business to support you well and will just end up dragging down your company.

Go ahead, challenge your answering service and ask how they are prepared to keep pace with your growing business. Rather than be a burden, they should be the quickest ones off the blocks to help your company thrive.