5 Skills and Traits to Look For in a Receptionist

Receptionists have many duties but, overall, their job is to effectively represent the company they work for. To do accomplish this, a receptionist must possess several skills and personality traits. Here are 5 of the most important to look for if you plan to hire a receptionist for your business.

1. Rapport

Because they’re often the first impression that a caller will get of your business, rapport is something that any receptionist you’re considering should be able to generate with callers quickly.

Rapport is a unique combination of skills and personality traits that a trained virtual receptionist will apply to every conversation they have with callers. This includes using the caller’s name frequently, understanding what the caller is saying, and being empathetic with their situation. In being able to build rapport, the receptionist will be able to help callers feel at ease from the first interaction.

2. Organizational Skills

Telemarketing operator working at office

A receptionist will be handling a lot of phone calls. Some callers will be reaching out to obtain information, while others might want to book appointments or request more immediate assistance.

Whatever their reasons for calling, the right receptionist will be able to ensure that each call is addressed promptly and referred to the correct department, while accurately recording caller names, contact information and any messages.

3. Professionalism

Generating rapport and organizing the calls a business receives will require a receptionist to do it all with a high degree of professionalism. Just like rapport, professionalism is a combination of skills and traits, including productivity, efficient time management, the ability to problem-solve, focus, behave ethically, and be accountable for the work that’s done.

4. Technological Skill

Today’s receptionist jobs involve handling more than spreadsheets and email. They should also be proficient with phone systems and apps and also be quick to learn any specific software that a company requires them to use while handling calls. Additionally, a receptionist should also be able to demonstrate adaptability when software or other processes at a company change.

5. Dependability

Attractive young man working in a call center with his colleagues

Dependability is one characteristic that should be included in a receptionist’s resume.

No matter when customers call your business, your receptionist should always be there, ready to answer every call, using and demonstrating the important skills and traits above.

A professional receptionist must also ensure that every message is recorded accurately and received by its intended recipient.

In today’s competitive business landscape, response times are everything. Automated systems may save time, but menus and long wait times can cause frustration and hang-ups. Busy receptionists can mean customers are forced to wait.

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