30 Reasons You Need an Answering Service for Your Business


There are tons of reasons for your business to use an answering service. Here are 30 to get you started.

Image of call center agents providing answering service for business

People choose to use a business answering service for many different reasons. That’s because outsourcing phone support helps organizations across numerous industries in a variety of ways. The following is a list of 30 reasons you might consider using an answering service.

  1. You are missing calls after hours.
  2. You are missing sales opportunities because you can’t answer every call.
  3. You want to improve the professional image of your company.
  4. You want to enhance your customer service offering.
  5. You need a bilingual answering service to handle calls in Spanish.
  6. You can’t afford to provide 24/7 support in-house.
  7. You have a receptionist who is unreliable.
  8. You have a receptionist who is overwhelmed by too many calls.
  9. You can’t afford to pay a full receptionist salary and benefits.
  10. You need to cut costs.
  11. You are going on vacation.
  12. You need backup because a natural disaster has disabled your company.
  13. You want someone to schedule appointments for you.
  14. You are too busy working to answer every call.
  15. You only want to take important calls and not deal with minor things.
  16. You need to be working in the field rather than talking on the phone.
  17. You need to have around-the-clock availability.
  18. You have callers who won’t leave messages on your voicemail.
  19. You have customers who are difficult to deal with.
  20. You put money into advertising and need to be able to handle all the calls.
  21. You want your business to appear bigger than it really is.
  22. You want to build your business with more customers.
  23. You want to improve the conversion rates of your sales team.
  24. You have a seasonal business and you want to ramp up call support during busy times.
  25. You need someone to notify your on-call staff of work that needs to be done.
  26. You are required by law or the government to use an answering service.
  27. You are not happy with your current answering service provider.
  28. You are being nickled and dimed by your current answering service provider.
  29. You want an easy-to-use online portal that lets you organize, view, and store all your messages.
  30. You need a whistle blower hotline service for your employees.

There are plenty more good reasons to use an answering service for your business, but this should be enough to suffice for now. Hopefully not each one of these reasons to use an answering service is applicable to you, because your company would be in some serious trouble if that was the case. However, if even one or two of the reasons listed ring true, then it’s time to contact us and see how we can help you out.

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