Protect Your Company with an Answering Service


An answering service can act as a life preserver for your business. There are a few ways you can protect your company with an answering service.

Image of a life preserver as a metaphor for an answering service

When most people think of an answering service, they don’t necessarily think of it as a way to safeguard a business. Sure, answering services are a great way to improve customer service and capture more sales leads, but they are actually really good at helping you protect your company too. Let’s have a look at a couple of ways a good business answering service can do this.

First, let’s talk about disaster recovery. Bad things happen. It could be a storm that damages your building and prevents you from opening for business. It could be a flood that keeps you and your employees from getting to work. It could be an electrical outage that prevents people from being able to call your business. How can an answering service help protect your company in these situations?

While they can’t necessarily halt storms, redirect floods, or get your power back on, they can have your back when you aren’t able to open your business due to disaster. Instead of having to be completely closed, your answering service can handle your phones since they should always be up and running. They can relay messages to your callers such as why you are closed and when you foresee being able to open again. And an answering service can also continue gathering sales leads for you work once you’ve got a handle on things again.

So, in the event a disaster cripples your business, an answering service keeps you on your feet rather than going down completely.

Now, let’s discuss how an employee hotline and whistle blower services can protect your company. Many times when something blows up in the face of a business from an inside source, one of the other employees knew something about it, but didn’t say anything. Having an anonymous hotline for employees to call gives them the security they need to report potential problems. It’s really easy to set up a whistle blower hotline with an answering service to protect your company. All you have to do is decide how you want the process to unfold when calls come in.

Another way setting up an employee hotline with an answering service can help safeguard your company is by protecting its most important assets: your people. Again, imagine another storm situation. Snow is everywhere and it has become dangerous for your employees to try to get to work. Who can they all call? If they all have the number for the employee hotline they can call in, the answering service can relay your instructions, and they will know if they have to try to make it to work, wait a while, or if they can play it safe and stay home.

There are many ways an answering service can assist you in protecting your business. Give us a call today and let us know what you need. We are happy to help!

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