24-Hour Call Center Services: A Must-Have for Property Managers

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Property management is effectively a 24/7/365 job, as property managers and landlords must be available at all times to address the needs of tenants. Yet, who’s available all day and night to answer the phone? After all, you need rest and time to spend with family and friends. With 24-hour call center services this is possible, as someone is always there to answer the phone and handle coordination, communication, and followups on any questions, issues, or emergencies.

What Is a 24 Hour Call Center Service?

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Any customer or client would rather speak to a live person than listen to an automated message and leave a voicemail. With call center outsourcing, a professional agent is available to take after-hours calls or handle call overflow. Users can forward their phone line to the service whenever they want and a live agent answers on behalf of the property manager. No matter where the property is located, calls can be answered day, night, weekends, or holidays.

At AnswerMTI, our agents are trained in all aspects of call handling for property managers. They receive scripting and instruction on issues property managers are most likely to deal with. These include taking requests for emergency and routine maintenance, scheduling showings to help fill vacancies, and addressing serious issues such as a broken water pipe or break-in.

What Are the Benefits/Features of a 24-Hour Call Center?

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A live answering service for property managers provides many beneficial features. The many aspects of the service can help improve tenant relations. Eventually, poor customer service can lead to missed sales opportunities. Tenants may also vacate the property for somewhere they can find more reliable management.

By using 24-hour call center services, you essentially extend your business hours. Customer support is always available, so anyone can call when it’s convenient or necessary for them. Some features of a live answering service plan from AnswerMTI include:

  • 24/7/365 Availability: Tenants need to be able to reach a representative of your property management company whenever a need arises. 24-hour call coverage is featured in all our plans.
  • Appointment Setting Services: Our live receptionists can integrate with your calendar to help schedule property showings and maintenance visits.
  • Bilingual Answering Services: If you have Spanish-speaking tenants or owners, we have agents who can communicate in their native language and address their needs immediately.
  • Call Patching: When a caller must reach you, our virtual receptionists can screen the call and forward it to the appropriate admin or on-call tech. We can also minimize disruptions from solicitors.
  • Emergency Answering: If a caller has an emergency, we get the message to you or the appropriate party right away. We can also cover the phones for your office if there’s an issue with staff being able to make it in.

How Do Property Managers Benefit from a Call Center Service?

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You can attempt to minimize after-hours calls by setting guidelines for true emergencies, staying on top of repairs and maintenance, and having an emergency contact line. Providing the contact information of a local police station, fire department, gas company, or a company representative may help. To best serve tenants/property owners, one point of contact is best.

The right questions should be prepared, so the answerer can ask whether the emergency requires electricity, heat, or water to be shut off. You can also know if the tenant needs emergency accommodations or medical assistance. These questions can be established with our unlimited call scripting. Our agents can be informed of any requirements that pertain to your industry or business.

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As such, property managers benefit from 24-hour call center services via:

  • Immediate responses to after-hours calls, which may pertain to emergencies such as gas leaks, electrical problems, burst pipes, flooding, or a fire.
  • Trained agents who can determine the best steps to take, such as contacting a maintenance crew directly, fielding questions/concerns/complaints, or deciding the issue can wait until morning.
  • Knowledge of your availability, so showings can be set up or canceled if a prospect is not interested. Having a representative answer the call can increase profit, especially when someone wants to set an appointment and sign a lease quickly.
  • A call answering service that takes on a range of responsibilities, even when they pile up, thereby reducing your workload and increasing the efficiency in which your office runs.
  • An outsourced service is much more affordable than hiring additional in-house admin staff.

Set Up Your Free Trial with AnswerMTI

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We offer three pricing plans and can customize a call center service plan just for you. Serving every region of the U.S., AnswerMTI does not require long-term contracts; instead, we charge affordable month-to-month rates and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. To learn more about our 24/7 answering service for property managers, contact us today!