Why Your Government Office Needs an Answering Service

Government offices receive a constant barrage of calls, which can lead to a decrease in performance and efficiency. Today, the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic instability are placing extraordinary pressure on these facilities, with many receiving thousands of calls each day. A live answering service can ensure that every call is handled promptly and professionally.

How an Answering Service Can Benefit Your Government Office

Government staff members now have to process and redirect callers with pandemic-related questions in addition to those who need basic information. The result is that many government offices are now experiencing record hold times.

It Helps You Maximize Use of Your Resources

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Live answering services greatly reduce the need to place callers on hold because lower-level calls are almost immediately directed to a virtual receptionist who answers the phone.

All high-priority calls and messages are directed immediately to your staff, allowing your resources to be devoted to callers needing more urgent information. The result? Your office can enjoy higher efficiency and offer higher quality customer service.

All Callers Receive Information from a Real Person

Another benefit of using this kind of call answering service is that no matter the reason a person calls your office, they will receive the information they’re looking for from a person, not a recording.

Your Office Saves Money

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The time and effort it takes to have your staff handle higher call volumes can be significant. You may need to hire more staff, which means more expenses in terms of wages, insurance, and benefits. More equipment may also need to be purchased to allow the increased staff to handle calls. Furthermore, your staff needs to be trained to use it. All together, this can add up to thousands of dollars for each year.

Live answering services eliminate these costs. Instead of paying for new hires, equipment, and training, you pay only for the level of service you have chosen—no more, no less. These virtual receptionists don’t work for you; they are hired, paid, and trained by their own company. Simply choose a package based on the number of minutes you expect you’ll need, and your receptionists will take care of the rest.

You Won’t Have to Sift Through Calls

It can be incredibly frustrating to know that callers are waiting for answers but that you still have hours before you can get to them because you have to prioritize your messages. With virtual receptionists on the job, all of this is already completed by the time you arrive at the office. Imagine the time you’ll save being able to handle the most urgent calls at the beginning of your day!

A Nationwide Leader in Live Answering

When it comes to giving your callers what they need, there’s simply no substitute for true quality and value. AnswerMTI leads the pack with professional receptionists who are affordable and available to customers around the clock. Get more information about your service options by calling us today: 844-798-1027.