Why Your Business Still Needs a Toll Free Number


Most people aren’t worried about long distance charges anymore, but there are still a few great reasons your business needs a toll free number.

Image of a hand dialing a business with a toll free number

Back in the 1960’s, AT&T started offering Toll Free numbers as an alternative option to calling collect and dealing with an operator. Check out this terrible commercial if you want a reminder of what collect calling was all about. This all took place when someone was charged any time a long distance call was made. But things are different now.

Most people have cell phones and don’t worry about long distance charges on calls throughout the United States, because all it does is use some of their plan minutes (if they don’t have unlimited minutes). Even many good old land lines now have plans based on minutes and usage. If the whole point of a business having a toll free number was to save their callers money (by taking on the cost of the call themselves), but most people don’t care about long distance charges anymore, then why does your business still need a toll free number?

That’s a good question, but there are several very good reasons why your business should have a toll free number.

  1. First, toll free numbers are super customizable. Not only can you get vanity toll free numbers, but you can route toll free numbers exactly how your business needs them set up. That way when someone calls your business the right person or department is answering the phone so that the caller doesn’t have to go through a series of transfers or automated menus.
  2. Toll free numbers now offer a wealth of analytics data. The amount of business intelligence that can be gleaned from toll free numbers is truly impressive. Call tracking, recording, peak call time info, location based data, and so much more can be collected and put to use. The valuable information provided by toll free numbers is worth the price of admission on its own.
  3. Next we should consider the benefits of using a toll free number from the branding aspect. Businesses that use a toll free or 800 number get professionalism points straight away. Consumers who see that number can tell they are dealing with a legit operation immediately. People that want to do business with an established company assume that anybody with an 800 number isn’t set up in their mom’s garage.
  4. And finally, using a toll free number is a great way for businesses to penetrate new markets. Using an unfamiliar Atlanta phone number with a 404 area code when trying to dig into the New York market is only going to make things more difficult. 800 numbers aren’t associated with any particular region, but instead have national appeal. So do your business a favor and go get a toll free 800 number before trying anything in a new market.

These are just a few of the reasons why your business still needs a toll free number. The original purpose of toll free numbers may be a bit outdated, but new features and additional advantages are still prevalent and make having a toll free number for business well worth it.

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