Why Your New York Business Needs Live Answering


Live Answering Services in New York

If you’re a business with a lot of customers, a very common way to process calls is via an automated New York answering service. While these can certainly help you to take more calls in a day,  they can’t provide customers with the stellar level of service they’ve come to expect from you—but a New York live answering service can change all of that.

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Why Your New York Business Needs Live Answering

It doesn’t matter where in New York you are; if you’re doing business here, you’re doing business in the country’s largest marketplace. That means you have to know how to get ahead of the competition. Live answering service can help you do just that. From the Bronx to Queens, this professional option ensures your customer calls are answered and handled personally, day or night.


How the Service Works

In automated systems, callers have to listen to a series of menus and press certain buttons before being connected to someone who may be able to help, but a live answering service is like having a receptionist who never sleeps. No matter when a customer calls you, a real person is there to answer the phone, give information, and help every customer get the help they’re looking for.


For you, all that’s needed is to select your level of service, and there will be a professional and courteous receptionist to answer your customer calls for as many hours as you need them to.


More Than Just “Hello”

Your virtual receptionist can do a lot more than simply answer your phones and direct your callers to who can help them. They can also take messages and offer specialized help to your callers. What does this mean? If your business is a legal firm, for example, the live receptionist who answers your calls will be someone who is trained to provide basic legal information to callers.


In addition to giving specialized information, live receptionists can also prioritize those calls received after hours. So, if you have an in-house receptionist at your business during the day, all they have to do is access the already-prioritized list and return those calls.


Saves You Money and Time

Live answering services eliminate the need to spend company resources on hiring in-house employees. Because virtual receptionists work for another company, their wages, insurance, and benefits are paid for by that company. All you need to do is choose how much you want to spend on the service, and that’s all you pay.


An automated computer answering system is expensive, and your employees need training so they know how to use it. Not so with virtual service; when you choose live receptionists, you’re choosing individuals who’ve already received professional training to expertly handle every call.

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Get a Live Answering Service Today

It can be hard to find the best live New York answering service, but you don’t have to look far; AnswerMTI’s easy-to-choose service levels and customized answering options offer both affordability and reliability. Call today to get started: 844-798-1027.