Why You Need an Apartment Answering Service

As a property manager, there are many things to take care of, including ensuring your properties meet safety standards and that repairs are up to date. Yet, even with all of the work and preparation you do, emergencies can still occur that may require immediate attention.

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No property manager can be available all the time, but there is a way to ensure that any emergencies are well-handled at any time.

What Is an Apartment Answering Service?

An apartment answering service is a solution that provides tenants with a way to reach your company in an emergency, 24 hours a day. Instead of recorded messages and automated queue systems, a live answering service means your tenants can speak with a real person every time they call.

A quality company can also offer friendly bilingual service to your Spanish-speaking tenants. Being able to speak with operators who are fluent in their language assures your tenants that all emergencies are recorded accurately. As well, your Spanish-speaking tenants can know that their emergency will be handled with care.

How a Live Answering Service Benefits You

Answering services are vital to property managers. The professionals who work for quality answering services have been specifically trained to handle property management emergencies. This means they have the experience to deal with all manner of emergency calls in a professional manner. So whether it’s a broken window, leaky pipe, or the AC going out during a heat wave, your tenants will have a resource available 24/7 to make sure their issues are being addressed.

Having these kinds of live operators working for you means you can concentrate on the other tasks you need to complete. Their professional presence also helps ensure that your quality reputation as a property manager is maintained so that you can continue to attract responsible tenants.

Additionally, this solution can also prevent you from being overwhelmed with calls. Your live agents can screen and direct calls to the appropriate maintenance or emergency personnel for you.

How a Live Answering Service Benefits Your Tenants

There’s nothing more frustrating for a tenant dealing with an emergency situation than an unanswered phone or repeatedly being asked to leave a message. You can be sure that this kind of negative experience will be shared with others.

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There’s no reason for any tenant to wait too long for a response with a property management answering service. From gas leaks to security issues and backed up drains to electrical problems, tenants can get real feedback on their issues and get the solutions they need at any time.

A trained live agent can also increase tenant loyalty. The ability to be able to speak with a real person who empathizes with their situation will go a long way toward building trust with you.

How to Get Professional Answering for Your Property

When you need a way for tenants to contact you in an emergency, look no further than AnswerMTI. Our warm and friendly agents can provide your tenants with the help they need.

Our company is a nationwide leader in live answering service, and we can help your property management business to run efficiently and profitably. For more information, call 1-800-673-2000.