When Should a Business Hire an Answering Service?

Communications is one of the most important parts of any successful business, especially communications between a company and its customers. That’s why so many businesses are turning to call centers to handle customer calls.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, call service employment is expected to grow by 39% between 2014 and 2024. Clearly, the demand for call centers is there, but does that mean call centers are right for every business?

Here are some of the things to consider when looking into working with a business call center service.

Call Volume

answering service small business

One of the most common reasons businesses turn to call centers is because they are struggling to keep up with the number of calls they have coming in, which distract from the job at hand. Many small businesses, especially those that rely on phone calls for customer support, need the additional resources an answering service can dedicate to answering phones and quickly responding to customers’ needs.

If your business has a high number of incoming calls or is one where timely responses to phone calls are especially important, then working with an answering service is a smart move.

Improved Efficiency

For many businesses, outsourcing is not just about economics. By shifting responsibility for certain tasks outside of the business and onto outside contractors, businesses are able to streamline their internal operations. As a result, they save money and increase productivity—something that makes everyone happy, from the customers to owners and managers, to employees. Any business that is looking for ways to improve efficiency should consider hiring an answering service to handle incoming phone calls.

Access to Technology

Business technology is constantly evolving and improving. Call center technology is no exception to this. In order to provide the highest level of service possible, businesses need to upgrade the equipment they use on a regular basis, phasing out old and outdated technology for new and improved tools.

When businesses handle all their phone calls in-house, replacing old technology can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. In addition to having to buy all new equipment, businesses have to train employees how to use the new equipment.

Hire an Answering Service

When businesses outsource their phone calls to an answering service, however, they can avoid this problem altogether. Not only do answering services already have access to the latest and best office phone technology, the expense of upgrading this equipment once it becomes outdated falls on the call center, rather than the businesses they work with. By hiring an answering service, businesses are able to take advantage of the best tools and get timely upgrades to new equipment without having to take on any additional expenses.

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