What Is an Answering Service?

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Handling incoming phone calls can be demanding for a small business—or any business, for that matter. You can receive calls at any time, even off-hours, from customers, patients, clients, vendors, and others, all of which are extremely important. When the phone rings, you need someone there to answer the call. This is what a phone answering service is for.

An answering service enables your business to outsource telephone answering. Various levels of service are offered. It may involve simply answering the phones and taking messages, or remote operators may serve as customer service agents or virtual receptionists. Generally, people can reach your business 24/7. An agent is available whenever someone has a question, requires customer support, or has an urgent situation on their hands.

How It Works

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A telephone answering service is typically a subscription-based service that you pay for each month. Once you sign up for a plan, the service can be tailored to your requirements. Often, an agent familiar with your industry can assist callers with any matter they may have pertaining to your business. They greet callers using your company name and follow a script unique to your organization.

At AnswerMTI, we partner each client with an account specialist who works to understand your brand, goals and the challenges you face. Learning what you want to accomplish with our services, our representative can create a call script that ensures proper communication with your callers. In fact, we’ll even build a profile of your typical customers and their needs, so our agents will be able to take care of your callers just like you would.

Common Types of Answering Services

Businesses often use phone answering services for things such as…

  • Virtual Receptionist: A live receptionist can answer questions, take messages, help with sales, assist with scheduling, and provide remote assistance to customers.
  • Bilingual Answering: If your business serves a Spanish-speaking audience or region, trained experts can ensure there are no communication barriers with your customers.
  • Emergency Answering: Responsiveness during urgent situations makes your business stand out. Thanks to built-in redundancies and backups, our agents continue answering the phones in an emergency event or unanticipated crisis.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Utilizing a shared web-based calendar, receptionists can schedule appointments for clients. This is a great way to keep your appointment books full while getting to focus on your work without distraction.
  • After-Hours Answering: Just because a business shuts its doors in the evening doesn’t mean the phone stops ringing. After-hours answering services allow companies to continue providing great customer support and even capture additional leads even after they’ve gone home for the night.
  • Call Overflow: Sometimes more calls come in than an in-house staff can handle at one time. A call overflow answering service acts as a backup. Calls roll over to remote receptionists to handle when a business is busy and can’t answer.

Benefits to Companies

What is an answering service if not a solution that improves business operations? A custom, flexible plan can enhance customer service, brand loyalty and your company’s reputation. It also leaves time for tasks associated with running your business. Callers always get the help they need from someone with industry knowledge. Live answering is also more affordable than investing in the staff and infrastructure yourself.

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We provide answering services and call center solutions for businesses of all sizes across industries: entrepreneurs, doctors, plumbers, attorneys, real estate agencies, hotel operators, HVAC companies, government institutions, higher education clients, and more. Our customized plans are designed to improve your communications and meet any telephone answering requirement you may have. To learn more, sign up for your free trial by calling 844-798-1027.