The Business Benefits of Bilingual Answering Service

In the United States, the Spanish-speaking community is growing faster than any other. Regardless of the industry your business is in or what you are selling, it’s very likely that you will communicate with Spanish-speaking customers. However, unless your business is using a bilingual answering service, you could be missing out on a lot of revenue, or worse, causing more problems for these customers.

Bilingual answering service

How Bilingual Operators Can Help

Not fully understanding the language can cause a lot of confusion when your customers call. Not only can this cause customers’ needs to be misunderstood, but, if it happens frequently, those customers will go elsewhere and tell others about their bad experience with your company. However, when you have a Spanish answering service handling your calls, all of this can be avoided. As well, it can also bring your business a host of other benefits.

Professional Training, Professional Service

If you run a business that receives any type of emergency or urgent calls, hiring bilingual operators can mean that customers rely on you every time they need help. The professional operators who work for bilingual answering services are fluent in both Spanish and English, meaning nothing gets lost in translation when your customers call. They are also trained to handle all kinds of customer calls, meaning that, no matter the industry, callers will receive personal and knowledgeable service.

These bilingual receptionists can empathize with your customers in their native language, which can mean a lot to them in times of high stress. Having these representatives on your side means callers won’t have to try to deal with a language barrier on top of everything else they may be going through when they dial.

Demographic-Specific Communication

You may be able to reach your English-speaking customers without any problems. However, by not addressing the needs of your Spanish-speaking community, you are missing out on a large chunk of potential revenue. Skeptical? Consider that the United States is home to the second most Spanish-speakers in the world behind Mexico. At over 50 million, that puts the United States ahead of Argentina, Colombia, and Spain. Knowing this, can you really afford to continue offering only English-speaking service?

professional operators who work for bilingual answering service

Increased Revenue

By being able to tap into the Spanish-speaking community with 24/7 bilingual answering services, your company can enjoy a dramatic increase in revenue. How? Not only will you be able to communicate with a serve an entirely new demographic, but, once your Spanish-speaking customers know they will receive service in their native language, they will shout it from the rooftops, allowing your business to reap the benefits of increased awareness through word-of-mouth advertising and online reviews.

Incredible Affordability

Because you only pay for the operator minutes you use, hiring a bilingual answering service can save you a lot of money. These receptionists work in our bilingual call center as contractors for you, meaning you don’t pay for their wages, benefits, or sick days. This also means you can use the money you save for nurturing your new business relationships with Spanish-speaking customers to ultimately grow your company and profits.

AnswerMTI’s bilingual receptionists are experienced, reliable, and affordable. Don’t wait to realize the many benefits of a bilingual answering service; get started today by calling 1-800-673-2000.