What to Look For in a Real Estate Answering Service


What Should You Look For in a Real Estate Answering Service?

As the busy owner of a real estate business, you have a lot going on. That’s why you probably have an automated answering service to handle all your calls. However, unless it makes your clients happy and your job easier, it’s costing you money. A real estate call answering service can offer you many more benefits, but, to get the most value, you need to know what to look for.


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Instant Answering

One of the most important qualities to look for in an answering service for real estate agents is a quick response. The service you’re considering should never let the phone ring more than a few times before answering. After all, if they’re going to let the phone ring and ring, they’re not much different from your voicemail.

Your answering service should never put callers on hold either. This combined with quick answering immediately communicates to your clients that their call matters to you. A caller who feels this way about your business will tell others about their experience.


Real Professionals

The receptionists who work for realtor live answering services have to do much more than pick up the phone and say “hello”; they have to provide callers with information that helps them answer whatever question or resolve whatever issue they may be having. They should also be able to schedule meetings and property showings based on your calendar.

Not only that, but these representatives must be able to accomplish all of this and more so seamlessly and professionally that callers will never be able to tell that they’re speaking with someone who isn’t your employee. This level of quality customer service comes only from professional training and experience working for companies in the real estate industry.

After-Hours Calls Are Processed and Prioritized

Along with speaking with your clients in real-time, a real estate answering service also needs to be able to do this after your business has closed for the day, over the weekend, and on holidays. Why is this important? Because the last thing any caller wants is to be forced to leave a voicemail, and so they will very likely just hang up. A live answering service should completely eliminate this risk.

As well, any service you choose should also be able to forward those calls requiring immediate attention to a specific number. In addition, they should be able to prioritize and organize a list of after-hours calls so that you can give each one your full attention when you come into the office in the morning.

Several Levels of Service

You may not always experience the same volume of calls throughout the year, and the realtor call answering service you choose should understand this. They should also understand that you need a simple, affordable, flexible payment structure—one that offers you the most value. Several levels of service should be available that you are able to adjust as necessary, and they should be offered on a month-to-month basis so that you aren’t locked into any long-term contracts.

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