Reach More Customers with a Bilingual Answering Service

We live in an increasingly diverse world. With that diversity comes an influx of new cultures, cuisines and, most importantly, new languages.

For businesses everywhere, this presents a challenge. Communication with your customers is absolutely crucial to developing lasting relationships and trust. If your target audience can find a similar product or service through their native language, they will probably do so.

So, having a live answering service where potential customers can communicate with your business in the language of their choice can help to greatly expand your customer base. Let’s take a look at other reasons you should consider bilingual call center services for your business:

The Marketplace Is Multilingual

Female Operator in Large Office

Even if you’re a local, homegrown business, there is a good chance that a large portion of your customer base speaks a different language. Just as recently as 2017, almost half of American citizens in the country’s largest cities spoke a foreign language.1

A business answering service that offers caller support in a language beyond English can help ensure your potential customers feel comfortable in their interactions with your customer service reps.

Interact With Customers More Effectively

Unfortunately, language barriers can have a hugely detrimental impact on customer interactions.

You interact with customers on a variety of topics:

  • Discussion of the customer’s needs
  • The details of your product/service
  • Processing an order
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Payment information
  • Initial onboarding
  • Queries and complaints

The list could go on, but it’s easy to see how interactions with customers can quickly descend into misunderstanding and frustration at any point if communication isn’t clear.

Inspire Innovation and Diversity

In today’s ethnically diverse populations, customers look for brands who:

  • Connect with them in an authentic way
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Put them first

When it comes to buying from your business, their individual experience directly with your brand is always of higher importance to customers than your general marketing efforts.

So, ensuring that their language preferences are catered to with your business answering service means promoting innovation and diversity with customers in a genuine way.

Make Service Feel Personalized

Female Operator

Personalization is key to creating trust in today’s digital world where customers can be overwhelmed with information.

One of the easiest ways to create a personal touch in your customer interactions is to pay attention to language preferences. It makes your customers feel like you know them and understand their needs.

For example, in 2018, around 41.5 million people in the U.S. spoke Spanish at home.2 If your business is based in a state with a high volume of Spanish speakers, having a Spanish answering service option for your business is a great way to instantly connect with that customer base, and even expand it!

Expand to New Markets

Many businesses are seeking to expand to new markets in order to grow their company. By having multilingual language options for your answering service, you’ll be better able to connect with customers in new markets.

If you’re looking for a business answering service or you have bilingual clientele, explore some of our options for bilingual call center services today.