Questions to Ask a Lawyer Answering Service

The quality of a phone answering service can impact the success of any business. From receiving client calls to converting new leads, a law office answering services is an extension of your firm on many levels. You must be sure the service provider’s own standards meet your expectations. Here are some of the most pertinent questions to ask before choosing any lawyer answering service.

Is It an Experienced Law Firm Answering Service?

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It is important the answering service specializes in your industry. People who are calling usually want to get their case started as soon as possible, so telephone receptionists should be trained in dealing with a wide range of legal matters. They should be familiar with handling different types of case information and in collecting personal details. Always ask whether the service handles legal intake and how many law firms it has worked with.

What Are Your Operating Hours?

Know the business hours of the attorney answering services you are considering. One of the primary benefits of a telephone answering service is that someone is available to answer calls during the night or on weekends. At AnswerMTI, we have receptionists available 24/7, so there will always be someone to answer the phone, whether your staff is in the office or not.

How Long Do Callers Spend Waiting?

Call wait time is a reflection of the quality of service your firm provides. If the provider is notorious for long wait times, move on. Asking this question and doing some test calls should give you good insights into the company’s dedication to serving clients. It also helps if customized call scripting is included, as callers will have both prompt service and a chance to build trust in your firm no matter who answers the call.

Are Bilingual Receptionists Available?

A bilingual answering service for lawyers who can communicate with Spanish speakers greatly expands the potential to generate new clients. Tens of millions of U.S. residents speak Spanish. By having bilingual receptionists available who are fluent in both English and Spanish , you can broaden your appeal and have an edge over your competitors.

How Are Your Packages/Pricing Plans Structured?

While the cheapest plan probably won’t get you very far, it’s important to know what you’re getting for the price of any plan. Inquire about all available packages. The provider should inform you about how many minutes of phone coverage are included, the means in which calls are transferred, and what other features there are.

AnswerMTI: The Leading Phone Answering Service for Lawyers

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If you’re looking for a law firm call answering service, AnswerMTI offers the highest quality standards, trained/skilled virtual receptionists, and complete customer service enabled by proprietary software and unlimited call scripting. Our company works with personal injury, criminal law, family firms, immigration lawyers and many more types of attorneys. An online portal enables you to access call details, edit schedules, and view analytics on all client and call information. Call us at 844-798-1027 today to learn more or begin your free trial!