Ingredients for an Awesome Customer Service Recipe

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An effective customer service strategy should have a few key ingredients. Think of it as a recipe for success. You can attract more customers, increase customer loyalty, boost sales, and receive more positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations by treating your customers with care. A business answering service from AnswerMTI can help improve your strategy, but first we’ll look at a few important ingredients for great customer service.

What’s a Customer Service Strategy?

Adult man holding glass can with dried herbs

We’re referring to a well-thought-out plan for how every interaction is handled. You need to think of what builds a foundation for building customer relationships and resolving customer issues. Consistency is crucial but the importance of measurement cannot be overstated. Measuring the right metrics allows you to focus on particular aspects of your strategy. To establish your benchmarks, use this recipe:

1.    The Right Proportion of Professionalism

It’s important to invest in your team. While training your employees can take time, they can gain the experience and skill needed to provide great customer service. Or, you can sign up for a live answering service in which trained agents can provide the right amount of compassion and professional service. Bottom line, the person who answers the phone holds the power to create an experience that will keep customers engaged.

2.    A Cup of Communication

Communicating throughout the customer journey allows you to collect data and track customer satisfaction. By knowing your customers’ thoughts and sentiments, you can fine-tune your strategy; something as simple as asking them to complete a satisfaction survey can help. Based on reviews, you can determine how to change or improve customer support. Customers will show favorable attitudes toward your business when they feel they’re being heard.

3.     A Quart of Goals

You may have heard of SMART customer service goals. This stands for “specific,” “measurable,” “achievable,” “realistic,” and “timely.” Incorporating all your goals into a formula can align your business’s goals with your customers’ needs. You can also gauge customer loyalty using these metrics to create a Customer Satisfaction Score, right down to particular interactions or experiences. The clearer your goals are, the easier it is to communicate them with your team and align them with your vision.

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4.    A Dash of Tasty Technology

Some companies use artificial intelligence (chat bots, automated emails, search-driven help systems, etc.) to complement their customer service. Technology can certainly help analyze metrics and even retain customers, but automated messages and even hi-tech digital methods don’t take the place of a live person.

That’s where a business answering service is beneficial. It provides a dash of technology that is personalized and always available, even when your team is busy or office is closed for the day or weekend. Customers get the help they need anytime they call, while you can view messages, track appointments, and analyze call volume via AnswerMTI’s online portal.

5.    A Spoonful of Potent Culture

Promoting a culture that focuses on employees’ well-being can improve job satisfaction and psychological health and fit within your organization. If your workers are happy, this can reflect on how they work with customers. A live answering service doesn’t have to cover all of your call volume, but employees will have time to focus on their jobs. When they do interact with customers, it’ll likely be a more positive experience.

6.    An Ounce of Reliability

Only reliable customer service can improve satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Measure time on the phone, speed of problem resolution, and customer sentiment over metrics that don’t relate to troubleshooting or creating a quality conversation. Personal attention is something many customers don’t expect. Answering the phone and following up every time ensures reliability and builds a customer service strategy from the ground up.

High-Quality Service Is the Icing on the Cake

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Refining your customer service strategy can help your business grow, but you don’t have to do it alone. A business answering service can provide a seamless bridge between your company and customers even when you’re not in the office or your staff is busy with other tasks.

At AnswerMTI, our agents are trained to handle many types of calls in various industries and are educated about your product or service. They provide 24/7 live receptionist services, set appointments, patch calls, and take messages among many other things to help your business thrive. We therefore contribute to an improved customer experience.

To learn more or sign up for your free one-week trial, send us a message or call 844-798-1027.